Asia Gaming Summit: in Taiwan, the spotlight is on the Blockchain and Crypto legislation in the panel with Raymond Chan – Founder and CEO of Alphaslot

Exclusively for The Betting Coach, Raymond Chan talks about his corporate role and the international Alphamirai mission

AGS2019, the event staged from 5 to 7 November 2019 at the W Taipei Hotel in Taiwan, proves to be an unmissable event for iGaming delegates and companies from all over the world.

The incredible show of companies and the important notions discussed in the different panels, make the event a very important information pole to understand the evolution of the markets in the Asian territories.

On day 2, it is time to: “Spotlight on Blockchain and Crypto regulation in Asia“, the panel organized by Beacon with the aim of analyzing the current regulations regarding Blockchain and Crypto.

On the occasion we met the speaker Raymond Chan, industry veteran with over 20 years of experience in commercial innovation and data science, as well as founder and CEO of Alphamirai, a private research and investment company, focused on developing new products through experience in the emerging technologies and in venture capital.

Here is our exclusive interview:

1-     Expert in negotiation, operations management, team building, emerging technology and production. Strong professional in business development, who is Raymond Chan and what was his experience to date?

Mr. Chan is an experienced founder and engineer with a demonstrated history of working in the technology industry.  He started with tech savvy companies in Silicon Valley since late 90s and launched his first China startup in 2007.  In 2018, he cofounded Alphamirai R&D lab and created multiple award winning products with international recognitions for its innovations.


2-Private research and investment company, based on experience in emerging technologies, private equity and venture capital. What is Alphamirai and what is its role through global markets?

Alphamirai is a private research and investment company, focusing on developing extraordinary new products through our expertise in emerging technologies and venture capital.


3- Blockchain and Crypto, new frontiers of world gaming. What are we talking about, what are the advantages and disadvantages of using them and how can these new technologies help companies operate more easily in every part of the planet?

When trust on the ledger is created, a new class of asset called “Crypto” becomes available and the first creature is a digital asset called bitcoin. The creation of bitcoin has been only the beginning. With smart contracts alongside the maturing of blockchain technology, the new creatures of crypto assets has continue to explode beyond bitcoin — CryptoKitties, Etherbot, etc. The demand of a new computing platform for the gaming industry is driven new forces to unlocked potential use cases that were not possible before. Tokenization of virtual goods is just one example. With a distributed computing platform enabled by the blockchain technology, the game providers and players will be able to able to interact closer than ever before.

We are still in the early stages of the blockchain technology and the use cases within the gaming industry is still experimental. The second layer technology and ability to connect multiple blockchains synergistically will be the next milestone of technological advancements that we can foresee today. Creation of quality games will follow once the associated blockchain technology (and financial benefits) becomes accessible to the game developers. A new chain of gaming ecosystem will form in parallel during the whole process. Whoever can see the future coming will have the first mover advantage to leverage the new wave of network effects, which can potentially be bigger than the web 2.0 /3.0 combined in term of economical impact to our society.


4-     Asia Gaming Show, year after year, turns out to be a high-level event. What, in your opinion, are the reasons for its success?

Personally I find AGS an always new and engaging event. Year after year, the event welcomes many experts and companies. The professional staff, the experienced team and the innovation gained over the years are the main success factors of this event.


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