STM Gaming, White Label company, official partner of Btobet, is among the absolute protagonists of the iGaming event scheduled from 27 to 29 November 2019 in Malta

Members of the sports, betting and casino games industries, like every year, find themselves in Malta, to celebrate a new edition of SIGMA, the Gaming event that has become over time, an unmissable event for many delegates and renowned companies world.

An important opportunity to display new products, group and structure incredible networks and high-level business opportunities.

Relax-areas, high-tech meeting rooms and, of course, intriguing parties with all-inclusive refreshments await the various protagonists who have arrived on the island.

On the occasion, we met Alessandro Pizzolotto – Co-Founder and CEO of STM Gaming


“Founded in 2016, STM Gaming is a White Label certified Btobet supplier, leader in creating and managing platforms for the gaming markets in Africa and Europe”.

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Here is our exclusive interview:

1 – Co-Founder and CEO of STM Gaming, who is Alessandro Pizzolotto and what was his journey to date?

The path has always been very direct, I started with affiliations in Italy at the beginning of 2009.
I contributed to the birth and growth of GameRevolution Srl, which quickly became market leader in Italy, but in 2017 we felt the need to diversify our business and together with my partners we decided to create the STM Gaming project of which I became CEO .
In 2018 we became a White Lable Certified Partner for Btobet obtaining exclusivity for the African market.


2 – Your company designed with the aim of creating cutting-edge solutions for the iGaming market. How is STM Gaming born and why is its mission oriented to the territories in Africa?

STM Gaming was born from the idea of ​​expanding our range of action from affiliations to a broader vision of gaming. The choice of Africa instead is due to the fact that the gaming market in Europe and in particular in Italy has become extremely complicated and extremely sectorial, and so my partners and I started looking around, and Africa seemed immediately a perfect match for many reasons, mainly geographical proximity and cultural proximity, and I must say that we are very satisfied with the choice made.


3 – Currently, what services does STM Gaming offer its potential customers and what news should we expect for the future?

In 2018 we became Certified White Lable Partner of Btobet so today we can offer all our customers in the African territory a turnkey solution based on the Btobet platform, which is extremely customized for the African market. A market that despite having many affinities with the European one also has many differences, so having a suitable solution is essential to be successful.

The Future is very simple, we will continue to work closely with Btobet to continue to grow the platform based on the needs of our customers and the market trends.


4 – SIGMA year after year is confirmed as a top event for the global gaming market. What do you think are the reasons for the success of this event?

Behind every success there is a lot of work, and after seeing SIGMA grow and even changing venues to accommodate all the participants, I can only congratulate Eman and his team for the results achieved. I’m sure they will continue to grow in the coming years, as they are already among the world’s leading gaming industry events.


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