The Coronavirus emergency stops the Italy of games! All bingo, slots and betting rooms in the area will be closed

The world of betting in Italy continues to suffer worrying repercussions.

After the many penalizing maneuvers, which have taken place in recent years and aimed at combating the problems related to ludopathy (remember the Decreto Dignità ) or the “save budget” operations of the state coffers ( the increase in withdrawals on winnings and PREU on slots and bets) comes the decision made by the government on the Coronavirus emergency.

It takes the name of Decreto 8 marzo (DPCM) and defines the following operating conditions until April 3, 2020:

“All activities of pubs, dance schools, game rooms, betting rooms and bingo halls, discos and similar clubs, present throughout the national territory must be closed until April 3, 2020. There are fines for violators and withdrawal of concessions “.

A drastic but necessary maneuver, announced this morning by Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte and already active for some hours in all the municipalities of Italy

However, it is likely that this decision will officially decree the collapse of the gambling sector in the area.