Premier League: Tottenham confirms that one of his players has tested positive in the fifth round of coronavirus tests

Following 1197 Coronavirus tests in the Premier League, Tottenham has affirmed the presence in its team of an infected but “asymptomatic” individual who will “isolate himself for seven days”

Tottenham has confirmed that it has received confirmation from the health authorities of the presence of a positive player at Covid19 in his team, after the recent swabs made for the fifth round in the Premier League. Due to medical confidentiality, the individual’s name will not be disclosed.

Recall that the fifth batch of tests took place on Monday and Tuesday of this week.

The news follows the results of the fourth round published last weekend, in which no other positive tests have been ascertained.

The balance currently indicates a total of 12 positive individuals out of 3882 swabs made.

All 20 top clubs, which have now returned to training closely, continue to adhere to the latest government and public health medical advice in England to allow for a gradual resumption of sport in the UK, as a return to the Premier League matches to approaches behind closed doors.

On Wednesday the Premier League released the following statement regarding the latest test figures: “The Premier League today can confirm that on Monday June 1 and Tuesday June 2, 1197 players and club staff have been tested for COVID-19. Of these, one has tested positive by a club.

“Positive players or club staff will self-isolate for a period of seven days.

“The Premier League provides this aggregate information for the purpose of integrity and transparency of the competition. The League will not provide specific details about clubs or individuals and the results will be made public after each test. “

If any player from Manchester City or Arsenal and Aston Villa or Sheffield United answered positive tests, they would almost certainly exclude them from their respective teams’ games scheduled for June 17.

The “project restart” rules require that a positive player remain out of group activities for 14 days (subject to the return of a negative test).

Testing will continue on a biweekly basis as the recovery of the season approaches.