Premier League: Liverpool champion!

Liverpool after thirty years, returns to celebrate a Premier League title! The city thanks coach Klopp for breaking the curse.

With Chelsea’s victory over Manchester City (2 to 1), Liverpool mathematically wins the title of this 2019/20 Premier League and can finally celebrate a season to frame.

The curse is broken and “You’re will never walk alone”, the anthem of the new Liverpool by Klopp can finally spread all over England.

After a wait of thirty years, Liverpool win the 19th title in its history, the first in the Premier League era.

He arrived seven days in advance and without even going out on the pitch. Chelsea’s score 2 to 1 match against Guardiola’s Manchester City took the Reds’ lead over Citizens to +23. The unbridgeable detachment!

Liverpool have played an impressive season. The numbers speak of 28 wins, 2 draws and 1 single defeat.

A tournament dominated from start to finish, which risked being canceled by the Coronavirus pandemic and the hypothesis of an early closure of the season. A triumph awaited by a city eager to see this sort of football curse end.

That love consolidated between the Reds and Klopp, exploded with the Champions League last year and consolidated from the title just won. A love destined to remain in the annals of football that matters and that opens the way to new perspectives of success and ambition for the next few years.