Madrid will have a new pioneering sports complex

Madrid: LaLiga and T3N Sport & Investment will invest in an educational center and facilities for institutions and individuals linked to the sports sector.

The project represents a revolutionary milestone in the development of sport in Spain.

Its facilities will include soccer fields, an educational center and residences for all interested parties related to the sports sector.

This high-level center is part of a 15-year collaboration agreement between the two entities and will become the official LaLiga sports center in Spain.

The complex will be located in Villaviciosa de Odón, in the El Bosque residential park, just 20 minutes from the center of Madrid.

The construction of this complex will begin in July and should be completed by the summer of 2021.

The project will also include the participation of another internationally renowned sports property that will bring its knowledge and experience to add global and differentiated value to the initiative.

More details about the partners will be announced in the coming weeks.


This initiative will become a pioneering model for the sports sector in Spain and will host all types of sports and training projects – both national and international – in a single space.

Furthermore, it will facilitate the generation of joint opportunities in sports and training projects, branding actions, commercial strategies and all the different events.

The facilities, designed for multidisciplinary use, will have soccer fields, basketball courts, a gym, a swimming pool, dining rooms, game rooms, a library and residential facilities to accommodate 450 people, and other services.

In addition, it will have an international school and classrooms for learning and training purposes; structures that LaLiga will also make available to clubs, partners and other entities related to education and sport.