Premier League, 16th day: preview

Premier League still on the pitch after the boxing day round! Ready for another day – this time spread over 3 days – from 28 to 30 December.

Will Liverpool be able to extend the table or Manchester City to get back on top? Let’s find out together with the analyzes and tips to bet safely on this round of the championship.


Fourteenth against third: hosts who come from two defeats in a row where they took 10 goals without scoring even one. Guests who, after beating Tottenham 2-0, stopped Manchester United at 2-2. It is obvious to follow the historical moment of the two teams and go to the guest success given the share close to doubling.


Teams paired, are in seventh place with 25 points. Londoners who have lost 3 of their last 4 games, the last of which 3-1 in the derby against Arsenal. Guests with 3 victories in the last 4 days and returning from two 3-0 against WBA and Crystal Palace. Also in this case we follow the long wave of the shape of the two formations and try the x2.


Second against sixth with Guardiola’s guys who with a victory will hook Ancelotti’s guys in the standings. But watch out for Everton, who have won 4 of their last 5 games against Chelsea, Leicester, Arsenal and Sheffield. We suggest a match with many goals!


Sixteenth against fifteenth: for the guests, 3 draws in a row, the last of which was very positive for 2-2 at the fearsome West Ham. Arsenal regaining the 3-1 victory over Chelsea. Given the difficulties revealed by both defenses, we expect a scoring result.


Both teams come from 1-0 in the last round. Both with only 8 goals scored, the two teams have the least performing attacks in the entire league. It is therefore logical to expect an under as occurred among other things in the last 2 direct clashes.


Both teams come from a draw, 0-0 Southampton at Fulham and 2-2 West Ham within the friendly walls against Brighton. We expect a very balanced race and without unbalancing on the final, we go to the X in the first 45 minutes.


Penultimate against twelfth: the team from around Birmingham has not won in 5 official matches. Leeds which in the last 4 rounds has alternated between defeat and victory. With 30 goals conceded each, the two defenses are the most perforated of this premier. It is therefore logical to expect an over match.


Fourth against eleventh: good moment for the red devils, unbeaten in 5 official matches and returning from the crackling 2-2 at Leicester. Wolves who have snatched a precious 1-1 at home against Tottenham but who have lost 3 of their last 4 away games away from home. We follow the market and advise the hosts.


Fifth against eighteenth: Mourinho’s team has embarked on a series of negative results with only one win in their last 5. In the last round it came 1-1 at home to Wolves with goals conceded in the final. The Fulham trend is interesting, coming from 4 draws in a row all under. We avoid the 1 × 2 and go on the over cards since with 31 yellow and 2 red the guests are the most punished formation in England.


Thirteenth against first: the round ends with the leaders looking for her ninth consecutive result in official matches. Sure, the 1-1 against the WBA is a half defeat but this match shouldn’t cause problems for Klopp’s guys. Newcastle struggling with 3 defeats and 1 draw in the last 4 officials. We believe not to exaggerate if we predict a handicap victory for the reds.


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