Second round of the NFL post season. After the wild cards, which did not produce any surprises, the conference semifinals in AFC and NFC will be played over the weekend.

If you want to bet on the best American football championship, follow the analysis and advice of our experts.


Seeded number 1 in NFC against seeded number 6. The hosts had the bey in the first round while the Californians were engaged in a very tight challenge won at home by the Seahawks 30-20. Rodgers and associates are 76% favorites in the head-to-head with a handicap of 6.5 points. There are no seasonal precedents that come to meet us as the last challenge between the two franchises dates back to 2018. The cold temperatures at Lambeau Field should favor the hosts. We think the home factor will be decisive but we expect the Rams, thanks to their excellent defense, to stay in the game until the end. So let’s try a handicap of 2.


Seed number 2 versus seed number 5 in AFC. Both teams won the wild card game by beating Colts 27-24 and Titans 20-13 respectively. Challenge between the fifth best attack in the league by yards earned against the best defense by yards awarded. In December, the Ravens won 17-14 away from home. We expect Lamar Jackson and associates to have the strength to repeat themselves and given that their share in heads-up is vastly disadvantaged and is priced above doubling, we believe the 2 mark is a good deal.


1 seed vs # 6 seed in AFC. Let’s face it, the stellar season of the Browns after years of failure probably reached its peak last weekend when Kevin Stefanski’s boys beat the Steelers at home 48-37 in a daring match. But from here to think that Cleveland can be able to overturn the field factor in the back to back even at the home of the reigning champions seems almost science fiction. The 9.5 handicap points for Mahomes and his associates seem more than justified but the most interesting bet in our opinion could come from over 56.5 given the firepower from the attack of the Chiefs and what the Browns in the past week.


Number 2 seed vs number 5 seed in AFC. This dream match pits two of the most popular quarterbacks of the modern era, Brees on one side and Brady on the other. Both teams won the wild card round quite easily, beating the Bears 21-9 and Washington 31-13 respectively. Being formations of the same division, New Orleans and Tampa have already faced each other twice in the regular season with two victories for the Saints (34-23 and 38-8). We believe that only 2.5 spreads are few given the compactness of the hosts and therefore we go on handicap 1 as happened abundantly in the previous two just mentioned.


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