How to Bet on Esports and Win

With video games playing such a significant part of our lives, we have all placed the occasional esports flutter.

Websites such as offer some excellent opportunities to find a great betting market and place a good Counter-Strike: Global Offensive wager. Yet, to make sure that your wagers turn out a success more often than not, you may want to heed some conventional wisdom that is known to work and help esports fans. 

1. Know the Teams You Bet On

The first rule to successful esports betting is to know the teams you are going to back. This is your starting point for any type of esports betting there is. Knowledge of the competing parties will allow you to gauge their most recent performance and even see how they have performed against the same parties.

However, it’s not just about the teams. You must understand the players. You may have the same organization, but then again all the players you remember may be playing for the opposite team already. It’s important to stay up to date and to have a good familiarity with the teams and who they are.

2. Don’t Take on Unnecessary Risk

If you are not too sure how a game is going to turn out, there is no need for you to be carrying that extra risk. Focus on selections you are more familiar with and pursue those. There are different types of bets to try as well. Many players stick to match winners, though, as these are quite simple. Yet, another popular type is “proposition bets” which ask you to guess who would get first blood or how many kills a team would score before a game is out.

3. Control Your Budget

Since esports betting can be quite fun, we may indeed end up spending too much without even realizing it. The best way to avoid this is to set a monthly budget that would allow you to be in control of everything you do. People who keep track of their CS: GO betting budget report much better long-term results, too.

4. Don’t Bet on Emotion

The worst thing you may do is feeling too inclined to bet because you like a player or a team. The fact you do doesn’t mean that said party would win a CS: GO game. Rather, you must look at the entire thing independently and consider all the moving parts, which will help you establish which the most likely winning party is. Once you have them, make sure to bet them, but never bet on emotion alone!

5. Look for the Best Odds

If you want to always win a little more, make sure to register at two or three sportsbooks. This way you will be able to always compare the odds and give yourself the best edge. The small difference in pricing will stack up and allow you to always have an edge when placing your next esports bet.


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