Inside the Strange World of WWE Betting

Everything You Need to Know About the Strange World of WWE Betting

Sports betting is a buzzword these days, being one of the essential parts of gambling.

It’s been around since the 20 th century BC, and we’re sure it’s here to stay for long. According to the research, the sports betting market was valued at $104.73 Bn in 2017 and is expected to reach $155.04 Bn by 2024.

Sites like Online Casino Deutschland have seen a sudden upsurge with betting marketing getting legalized worldwide.

If you are a WWE fan since your childhood, this might break your heart. Here’s a truth bomb — WWE is scripted. The WWE betting market alone holds about a 30% share of the global pool.
Here is an extensive guide to WWE betting tips and other important details.

Can You Wager on Something That’s Scripted?

Yes! You can. Betting on WWE events is based on the outcome. And that’s why the results are closely guarded and written by scripters.

So, you really can’t know who wins until you see the odds well. WWE, being entertainment, is like a daily soap opera with a dull script and storylines, but the results will only make it exciting.

Type of WWE Betting

If you are wondering whether it is just about the outcome, then wait. The betting on WWE merely doesn’t work on the results. For some obvious reasons, it is still prohibited in America.

However, European sportsbooks and betting sites offer WWE betting odds, depending on the type you choose. There are several ways to gamble on WWE. The match outcome is the most common way. But, not everyone likes to risk their money on the results. Thus, betting
can also be placed on future opponents and the prediction of the next WrestleMania event.

WWE Betting Tips

Honestly, it is hard to predict the winner of WWE matches. Only a few people know the script and storyline of these. It all depends on how much you want to bet and where you want to invest your stake.

And, picking up your winner is like drawing straws. You never know if you win or lose. WWE is scripted, and you really can’t calculate or estimate the winner. The most prominent example of this unpredictability is WrestleMania 30.

Brock Lesnar was considered the underdog, but he caused a ruffle by defeating the undertaker with a 21 undefeated matches

Most bettors look for the patterns in the storyline of the events and how these matches were played out in the past. If you are betting on popular events, such as WrestleMania, the chances become more viable for the stronger contender. And the reason is as simple as it

Being a strong contender for the bigger events, then, definitely, the athlete will get more betting odds.

For example, John Cena has won the WrestleMania most number of times (13). Why? Because Cena is one of the most popular wrestlers of all time. However, there is one method that you can follow — the Fibonaсci system.

About WWE Betting Market

Besides being the scripted one, the WWE betting market is a huge one. And, it’s not just about the match or event winner. It gives more than this for bettors to take their chances. You can wager on any WWE event you want to; each has its betting odds. Royal Rumble,
being one of the most popular, is held every January. The betting odds are priced as high as 100/1.

Similarly, WWE WrestleMania is another major event you can enjoy every March or April. It is a great opportunity to place a WWE betting accumulator.

WWE Betting Ladbrokes has named some terms for placing the odds in the WWE betting market:

  • After/Next: a wager on the next winner of a title. For example, John Cena has won a match, but predicting the next champion would be a real deal.
  • Feuds: on the face-off between the wrestlers before the match is scheduled.
  • First to be eliminated: This market is for the WWE multiplayer events, such as Royal Rumble, where people can place a bet on who will be eliminated first.
  • Under elimination time: predict how long the wrestler will be in the ring before getting eliminated.

You can get the pricing depending on the time you choose.
Sportsbooks like BetOnline and Bovada place large bets on WWE events (Royal Rumble and WrestleMania). A single gambler can wager on more than 50 wrestlers for the male fight and more than 45 women wrestlers.

Who Is Setting up Sportsbooks?

It is really hard to decide on the sportsbooks. You can’t merely try to predict the winner.

Some betters say that they rely mostly on Twitter rumors, watching fights, and working on traditional betting and sports events.

According to a gambler, there is a similarity between the sports betting event and the wrestling event. He has put his bets on WWE based on his overall portfolio of betting action. He further adds, “I have been putting my odds on WWE since 2011, and it was merely based
on the guesses. There is no whiff or expertise in this process.”

For this reason, WWE betting is still not prevalent in the American sports betting market. We believe that this stigma will not get away soon until it reaches the betting capital — Las Vegas.

Is It Fair to Bet on WWE Events?

Yes. It is fair and legit. The outcomes are already predetermined, and the result is decided by only a few elite members of the WWE federation. To get fair payouts, choose sportsbooks or betting sites that offer more favorable conditions.

We only recommend licensed platforms, such as WWE betting Ladbrokes, VBet, and RubyBet.


Now, you know almost everything about the strange world of WWE betting. It requires you to have a strong portfolio and place a higher payout.

Whether you are a newbie or an experienced punter, you should know about the PPV events upfront. Lastly, make sure to wager only on the fights you are sure about and don’t go over your budget.

So, what are you waiting for? Head to your favorite sportsbooks and start gambling now!

If you have more questions on the matter, ask us in the comments!

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