WhichBingo rebrands with help from man’s best friend

Online bingo industry stalwart WhichBingo has been renamed WhatWhenWhyWhereWhichBingo in a brand overhaul that was inspired by the company’s pet dog.

Founded in 2000 as a comprehensive directory of UK online bingo sites, WhichBingo has since expanded to become a thriving online community of bingo lovers who share reviews, news and experiences.

The site’s owners set out on a mission to find a name that would capture the comprehensive nature of WhichBingo’s offering, which includes an annual awards ceremony, a podcast, and daily news updates along with its unrivalled and always up-to-date directory of bingo sites.

Dogs have been a warm and friendly distraction for many since the lockdown started last year with a sharp increase in adoptions and WhichBingo wanted to harness this interest when looking for a new name to make sure it reflected the growing interest and their ever expanding user base

For this reason, the new site name was chosen from a shortlist by Bango, the company’s pet dog, who selected a treat that corresponded with WhatWhenWhyWhereWhichBingo on a list of potential monikers.

Also in the running were ‘The Online Bingopedia’, ‘All Things Bright and Bingoful’, and ‘Supercalifragilisticexpialibingodocious’, but Bango followed her nose to determine the company’s future.

Marketing Manager, Avril Primera, explained:

“We really couldn’t decide between the six names on the shortlist, and we felt we’d be happy with any of them, so we thought we’d let Bango decide.

“She always has a nose for good decisions, and she went straight up to biscuit number four with no hesitation.

“We were really pleased with her choice, as we feel the new name really captures what we’re all about, targets our new wider user base and it gives us a fantastically unique URL!”

The site can now be found at www.whichbingo.co.uk and the site’s design team have added a new masthead as part of the project.