Ireland ready to review gambling rules

The Irish government has announced that in the coming months it will implement a series of legal changes to better regulate gambling in the territory.

Following some recent studies, conducted by the Oireachtas (Irish Parliament) on problems related to gambling abuse, the Governors have decided that some changes to the related legal protocols will be implemented in the coming months.

Under the terms of the Interim Gaming and Lotteries Act, passed in December 2020, the government will conduct a major overhaul of Irish gambling regulations in 2021, with the aim of modernizing existing legislation dating back to 1931 and 1956. .

At the start of his latest debate, Deputy James Browne, Minister of State in the Justice Department, stressed the importance of establishing the core tasks of an independent regulatory body that will oversee Irish gambling in 2023.

According to the first rumors, the new regulator will be responsible for reviewing and granting new gaming licenses and will have greater control over the whole territory.

There will be stricter rules for gaming companies that do not respect the laws and development conditions.

Parliament’s aim is to prevent gambling from being a social problem for the area or a source of support for crime.

However, in answering questions from senators, some argued that the introduction of the independent regulatory body should happen sooner rather than later in 2023.

Senator Alice-Mary Higgins (an independent lawmaker from Dublin) has stated her belief that the regulator should become operational before 2023 due to the “perfect storm” created by the pandemic for those suffering from gambling problems. .

Senator Higgins added:

“Lack of regulation means we’re getting advertising around the clock and in all locations, which is a problem.

“We know we can take action to address this, as we did when we imposed restrictions on the legislation on advertising and the sale of alcohol.”

Other senators also shared their views and outlined what they believe the new regulator’s jurisdiction and responsibilities should be.

Fiona O’Loughlin, senator from Kildare’s Fianna Fáil, said:

“The regulator should cover the industry, issue fines, conduct research and run an industry-funded social fund to help people with gambling addictions.”

“A modern and effectively regulated gaming environment must provide greater consumer protection for players by limiting the harmful effects on young people and those who may be addicted.”


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