Mountaineering: Gurkha Nirmal climbs the sixth of its 14 highest mountains in the world

His project was to climb the 14 highest mountains on Earth in 7 months, this spring has already reached the sixth

He said he wanted to climb 6 Mountains from Eight thousand this spring, to be able to manage to climb them all (they are 14) in 7 months, and Nirmal Purja today completed this first part of his project that seemed crazy and that now appears possible. Here are the 26 days of fire in which the Nepalese gurkha (recently “retired” by the famous military body, named after the Hindu guru-warrior of the eighth century Gorakhnath) has not only established records that will remain in the history of Himalayan climbs .

You can turn up your nose on this type of mountaineering but you cannot fail to recognize that Nirma Purja has opened a new frontier.

April 28: Annapurna, climbed opening the way and putting the fixed ropes together with his sherpa team. Downhill Nims stops at camp 4, ready to go to rescue Wui Kin Chin (Malaysia), at an altitude of 7500. Then he goes down due to the failure to refill vainly requested cylinders.

After arriving at base camp he and his sherpas are transported to long line at camp 3 and manage to reach the missing and take him to c3, from where he is evacuated (he will die in the hospital several days later).

May 12: Dhaulagiri, climbed despite strong winds, opening the way and without using the tanks.

May 16: Kangchenjunga. Downhill Nims and his sherpas stop at an altitude of 8450 to rescue an Indian climber, Biplap Baidya, give him their oxygen and make him get off. At an altitude of 8300 they find another Indian unable to move, Kuntal Karar.

They also give him oxygen, but the tanks are exhausted and the reinforcements and supplies requested and promised do not arrive. The two Indian climbers are still transported for a few meters but the Nims sherpas are accused of freezing and are down to c4. Only Dawa remains with Nims to continue the rescue. But they cannot save the two unfortunate Indian climbers.

May 22: Everest, summit reached at 5.30.

22 May: Lhotse, summit reached at 15.45. May 24: Makalu, summit reached at 6.00.

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