Banner ads, branded videos and articles, memes, gifs and the like, are some of the popular ways companies promote their products and maintain relationships with consumers. But the digital world is an ever-changing landscape and brands need to stay up to date in order to stand out. Likewise, affiliate marketing also has to evolve with these changes and trends. Let’s talk about some of the top trends to look out for.

Influencer marketing will continue to rise. This will just keep growing. Influencers are real people with real experiences using products or services that merchants offer. Influencers and bloggers have the opportunity to influence their respective audiences in order to drive sales and traffic to the merchant’s site. According to an article by Adweek, people seem to trust influencers as much as they would trust their friends, indicated the amount of trust and influence involved.

Quality content is still the way to go. Video content, in particular, will see a steady increase in consumption. According to a report by Business Insider, video consumption will increase by nine minutes per day until 2020 with Netflix, YouTube, and Facebook standing to gain the most. This means that audiences will be looking for more creative video content on platforms such as Facebook. Product or service reviews and demonstrations will still be highly effective, while written articles that provide education, such as how-to pieces or buying guides, may also boost promotions online.

The Mobile-first approach. It is reported that there are now about 4 billion unique mobile users globally, and that 64% of Google search clicks were made via mobile. This implies that merchants and marketers should consider focusing on making their websites and ads more mobile-friendly as a lot of consumers use their phones to browse the internet. Optimising for mobile will help build traffic to websites and decrease the chances of losing clicks. 

Artificial Intelligence and Chatbots are coming. There are now artificial intelligence tools which can be used for analytics – analysing the performance of offers, collecting data and finding out which campaign is working best and which is not. Chatbots also offer an opportunity to communicate seamlessly with customers. These can help marketers and merchants identify the most common concerns that are brought up.

The use of voice search. Voice search is growing as it has the ability to connect people to what they’re searching for much faster and more conveniently than text searches. Searches are then becoming more conversational, which means SEO techniques that are applied must be optimised for more natural speech patterns and longer keywords.  

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