CGS CLOUD 2020: Understanding the Caribbean, Latin America and Brazilian markets

#CGSCloud2020, a virtual event that brings together the industry highlights to lead the transformation process and achieve balance in the short term.

Caribbean Gaming Show, currently CGS Cloud latest details to launch a virtual event on August 27 and 28, as announced from the beginning. CGS Cloud 2020 will have the presence of the most prominent executives in the gaming industry, where topics of interest that help reactivation will be discussed. Today´s main concerns  from: Operators, Manufacturers, Regulators, Gaming Associations wilth   15 panels of 1 hour, with a 5 minutes break  and translation in 3 languages, Spanish, English, and Portuguese. We will talk about  what to do to get out of this point?, what plans have worked in other jurisdictions?, what trends will define the world of gaming because of the pandemic?, How to enter the online world: sports betting, casino in line, i-gaming, what technologies do we have on hand to improve the performance of our businesses?,  Do you manage the new concepts well ?: omnichannel, conversion factor, turnkey, multi-currency, vertical, interaction, RGS, white-label, AI, VR, AR, electronic wallets, etc.

The Organizers are working  hard to launch  a quality event, prepared by Latinos for Latin Americans. They stated that “visitors will find a production work of excellence and content that will be  superior and different from anything that has been broadcasted. There are topics and formats that are in jeopardy, the industry deserves no more of the same. 17 years in the Latin American market give us an excellent brackground shown in these 15 panels having the enthusiastic participation of more than 45 speakers from almost 20 countries ”, said  Elizabeth Leiva, CEO from CGS Cloud.

Likewise, she stated that it is very important to Register  as soon as possible because gratuity will be available only this week. Starting Monday 10th  the e-commerce platform will be installed.  Remember these are the last day to visit CGS Summit site to grand access to the Conferences.

Last but not least, the Organizers appreciate the participation of major brands as Sponsors. See you all at the end of the month.