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Introducing Our Strategic Advisors Of 2021Eventus International has grown its roster of global gaming events from 12 events annually to 19 events.

With a positive outlook on 2021, Eventus International will be expanding its calendar of events, covering more countries every year.

We are excited to announce our strategic advisors for 2021!

We will offer their guidance so we can continue to produce exclusive, niche events, attended by C-Level executive and decision makers.

With a high-profile audience gathered under the same roof, our summits will offer the perfect opportunity to sponsors and exhibitors to showcase their products & services, as well as offering the ultimate brand visibility to an international audience through our marketing campaigns.

With the guidance from our esteemed Strategic Advisors, we will continue to produce high quality events that covers developments in legislations.

Strategic Advisors Of 2021:

Jay Sayta, Gaming Industry Analyst/Strategic Advisor for SPiCE India

“Although the gaming industry has shown tremendous growth in 2020, there have been several challenges that are being faced by the sector of late, largely on account of regulatory action by the states.

SPiCE is a great platform to discuss these challenges and opportunities and chart a way forward. I look forward to attending the event.”

– Ilya Machavariani, Senior Partner, 4H Agency: Strategic Advisor for Russia iGaming Summit & Expo

“RiSE has everything to become a great addition to the long list of top level events around the World.

Given its place, this event together with AGU in Kyiv might also become defining in terms of closing the existing knowledge gap between ex-USSR markets and rest of the world.”

– Robert Brassai, Principal Consultant, Sense4Gaming: Strategic Advisor for All-in Gaming Ukraine

“I am honored to be the chairman of AGU Ukraine, taking place from 14 – 15 June 2021.

This truly historic gathering will bring together people from all walks of the gaming world to share ideas, finetune knowledge and to celebrate a new market opening in Europe. If you have any ties with the Ukraine or represent a serious gaming operation, you should make sure to reserve your place now.”

– Jim Ramchand, Managing Director, Jims Corporation Colombo Pvt. Ltd.: Strategic Advisor for SPiCE Sri Lanka

“SPiCE Sri Lanka will be the first of its kind conference in the island nation to deliberate upon and provide impetus to the growth of the nascent gaming & casino industry not just in Sri Lanka but in the broader Asian subcontinent as well.

I look forward to welcoming all attendees to enjoy the beautiful weather and beauty of Colombo through 3 days of events, tours and parties.”

To view all Strategic Advisors, visit: https://www.eventus-international.com/strategic-advisors

Managing Director, Yudi Soetjiptadi, had the following to say: “Our vision for Eventus International is to continue to offer platforms for industry professionals to meet, engage and network responsibly and to continuously develop the gaming industries in the emerging markets.

Our team will have all the necessary safety and social distancing measures in place at each of the events, so that attendees can feel comfortable to engage in discussions.”

To view the full lineup of 2021 events, please visit: https://www.eventus-international.com/gaming-events


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