Wondering whether you can make money playing online blackjack? The good news is that it’s possible. It may be possible to make a living from it with time and practice. 

All casino games give the house an edge, including blackjack. However, this game has a house edge of 5%, among the lowest of all. If you choose the right strategy, the edge can drop to below 2%.

Here are a few tips to make real money from blackjack online.

Apply Basic Strategies

One of the most basic blackjack strategies is memorizing a series of actions based on your and the dealer’s hand. This is the quickest and easiest way to make a profit playing blackjack.

With this strategy, you will know when to give up, hit, stand, or double down, and so on. It’s best to memorize the chart, so your decisions are faster and more effective. If you can’t or don’t want to, it’s not a problem. You can always have a look at the strategy chart while playing.

Experts have gone on record saying that if you apply the basic blackjack strategy, you can reduce the house edge to below 1%.

Set Loss and Win Limits

What sets the pros apart from the laymen of blackjack? The former always place a limit on how much they expect to win or lose. They don’t want to deplete their bankroll. When it comes to making money from blackjack, this aspect can be crucial.

Once you’ve won or lost within limits, leave the computer or device. If you’re winning, your luck will probably turn, but if you’re losing, your lack of luck will not change.

In short, don’t expect the odds to suddenly turn in your favor. Before you even start playing, it’s critical to develop the skills of bankroll management.

Don’t Use Superfluous Systems 

Blackjack players will resort to all kinds of needless bets and systems due to the temptation to make more money more quickly. A good example is the insurance bet. At first, it may seem like the payout of an insurance bet is good. However, this bet actually supports the house edge, pushing it up above 5%.

This bet is like a new one with a new sum. You get just your original bet even if you have a blackjack. If the dealer has blackjack, there is neither a winner nor a loser.

Likewise, you shouldn’t use the Martingale system. This method involves reducing winning bets by half or doubling up on losing ones. However, this system attempts to improve the break-even odds. It ultimately increases the risk of a huge and rapid loss.


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