Gambling: These are the best Online Craps Strategies for beginners

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Craps is perhaps the most popular dice game in the casino and can be played real or online with great excitement and entertainment. However, most players usually have to deal with the rules of craps first. The game has several ways to place side bets in addition to the main bet and is not unlike the game of roulette in this regard.

Since it is really important to know all the rules of the game in detail before playing for real money for the first time, we have also summarized that in this article. The best strategies for a successful craps game are also included, even if there are no guarantees with craps. It is still a game of chance.

1. The basic principles of the game: Craps

The game principle of craps consists of betting on the outcome of a roll of the dice. For this purpose, a playing field is available, which is not immediately self-explanatory. Here, the individual sections and their betting possibilities must first become apparent so that the player knows what options are open to him here.

First of all, a “pass” bet is placed. It must be equipped with a stake that is anchored in the player’s own money management. This is where the strategic thinking already begins for the players. This pass bet now causes the first roll of the two dice to roll a 7 or 11, which immediately causes the bet to be considered won. If, on the other hand, a 2, 3 or 12 is rolled, it is “craps”, i.e. “worthless stuff”. The bet is then immediately lost.

However, if any other number is rolled, then the game master must now mark that number. It is the new winning number. The dice are now rolled until either this winning number or the 7 is rolled again. If the winning number is hit, the bet is won. However, if the 7 is rolled first, the bet is lost. So, depending on the game situation, the number 7 can be good or bad for the player.

2. Alternatives in the game principle

The player has the option to bet on “Don’t Pass” and thus reverses the winning conditions. Now he wins with a 2, 3 or 12 or in the following rolls with a 7. The possibility to place a bet at different times of a game opens up a lot of betting options for the player, which do not arise in this way in Roulette or Baccarat.

Taking The Odds” gives the player the chance to increase his bet without having to accept a higher house edge. In “Laying The Odds”, on the other hand, the player increases his bet on the “Don’t Pass” option. The “Come” and “Don’t Come” bet is actually identical to the “Pass” option, but is applied not only to the first roll of the game, but to all rolls.

In the hardway bet, the player bets that two identical numbers will appear on the surface of the dice. Place and field bets also allow for wins with other numbers and offer the player even more options for betting. So, it is possible in craps to skillfully use the gaming table with its various fields to make lucrative bets. However, a basic understanding of the probability of dice outcomes should be present, because this is how the providers calculate the chances.

3. Money Management for Craps

It is crucial in craps that the player controls his money bets and always knows how much money he has already gambled or won and what his budget is for this game. Money management starts with setting an upper limit that should not be exceeded under any circumstances. This limit should be set in such a way that the amount of money, even if it is completely lost, does not affect the things of everyday life. In no case should money be used that is needed for basic things like living.

Then the player should also determine with which stakes he approaches individual games and in which system or rhythm he increases or decreases his stakes again. It is important to understand that after a 6 is rolled, the chance of a 6 on the next roll is the same as on the previous roll. This probability remains the same. Many players make the mistake of assuming that if they haven’t rolled a 6 in a while, the probability of getting a 6 increases. This is a fallacy and usually leads to loss of the money bet.

4. How do I bet in craps as a beginner?

The most sensible bet in craps for a beginner is the “pass” bet. This bet has the lowest house edge of 1.41%, so it is automatically the bet with the lowest overall risk for the player. The “Don’t Pass” bet has an even lower house edge (1.36%), but it is not popular because it involves betting against the shooter.

Stay away from bets that are decided with a roll of the dice. This is where the house advantage is the biggest and some dealers want to entice players to make these bets, as they usually bring profits to the casino. You should avoid these bets because the odds are not worth the big risk. It also happens that other players call something into play during the game. Do not listen to these supposed tips, but follow your plan and do not get sidetracked. The chances of another player suddenly calling out crucial tips to you are practically zero.

Always remember that craps is a pure game of chance and it is only a matter of keeping the existing risk as small as possible. It will not disappear completely anyway and even the best strategy can bring about defeat.

5. The conclusion to the best online craps strategies

Craps is a fascinating game that exudes high motivation among players in the casino to stay at the gaming table for a long time. Players must keep in mind that there is no winning strategy and they have limited influence on the course of the game. It is a game of chance. However, money management in particular is a very helpful tool when it comes to limiting excessive losses or simply taking targeted winnings. Set a value that you consider desirable even before you start playing. If the value is hit, you stop and take the win. This way, your craps game will always remain entertaining and relaxing.


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