The BiG Africa Summit 2023 will unite the leading names and companies in the booming African iGaming industry.

To recognize the top performers behind the recent growth in this industry, Eventus International will present the prestigious 2023 BiG 5 Awards at the Summit.

The “Big 5” is a group of five large African mammals, including the elephant, lion, rhinoceros, leopard, and buffalo.

These animals were originally categorized as the Big 5 by big-game hunters, who considered them the most difficult and dangerous animals to hunt on foot. Today, they are sought-after animals for viewing in Africa, recognized for their unique characteristics and importance to the African ecosystem.

The BiG 5 Awards will celebrate the outstanding achievements of exceptional individuals and companies who have set themselves apart in the African gaming sector.

Awarding Top Performers in African iGaming

The Lion Award will be presented to the top speaker of BiG Africa Summit 2023. The speaker with the most impactful and powerful presentation, who roars the loudest and earns the title of the king of speakers, will take home this coveted award.

Surviving and thriving for over 20 million years, the Rhinoceros is a true symbol of loyalty and endurance. The Rhino Award recognizes the company that has shown exemplary loyalty, commitment, and support towards BiG Africa Summit over the past nine years.

The Leopard Award will be presented to the exhibitor with the most visually attractive exhibition stand. With their iconic markings, leopards are among the most distinctive big cats in Africa. Participants are encouraged to showcase their creativity and innovative designs to win this prestigious award.

Known for their size and strength, buffaloes are the epitome of power and dominance. The Buffalo Award recognizes the company that displays outstanding competitiveness, resilience, and strength in the highly competitive betting and iGaming industry.

Gentle giants with a strong sense of community and leadership, elephants are the largest terrestrial animals in Africa. The Elephant Award honors the participant who has made the most significant contribution towards the growth and development of the industry.

Nominate the Best in African iGaming for the 2023 BiG 5 Awards

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to nominate the top performers in the African iGaming industry for the highly coveted 2023 BiG 5 Awards. If you know of any exceptional companies or individuals who are making significant contributions to African gaming, now is the time to recognise their achievements.

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