UltraPlay, a leading provider of eSports betting solutions, took the gaming industry by storm with its impressive presence in Sao Paolo, Brazil, and in Manila, The Philippines.

Both events, held in the middle of June and July, respectively, served as a perfect platform for UltraPlay to showcase its cutting-edge products and engage with industry professionals from around the globe.

During these events, UltraPlay had the privilege of engaging in fruitful discussions with numerous industry professionals, exchanging ideas, and exploring potential collaboration opportunities.

The team eagerly seized the chance to build relationships and strengthen existing partnerships, fostering an atmosphere of innovation and cooperation within the gaming industry.

One of the highlights of UltraPlay’s participation was its success in striking promising deals with several key industry players. While the deals still aren’t publicly announced, the company plans on sharing more detailed information in the near future.

These collaborations promise to revolutionize the eSports betting landscape, delivering exceptional value to players and businesses alike.

The industry’s recognition of UltraPlay’s exceptional performance came to fruition during the Brazilian Awards night. Amidst fierce competition, UltraPlay proudly received the prestigious “Best eSports Provider of the Year” award.

It serves as a testament of UltraPlay’s proven track record of success, dedication, and revolutionary iGaming solutions that shape the market to this day.

With both events being successful for the team, they eagerly await future exhibitions, the last one for this year being in Malta in November. These exhibitions present invaluable opportunities to showcase the latest advancements, engage with industry peers, and reinforce its status as a trailblazer in the gaming sector.

Next in the event lineup for UltraPlay is the Barcelona exhibition held this upcoming September in Spain.

This eagerly awaited conference serves as another fantastic platform for UltraPlay to present its groundbreaking solutions and further explore the novelties of the market.

UltraPlay’s remarkable presence and accomplishments at the events underscore the company’s unwavering commitment to innovation and its dedication to providing top-notch eSports betting solutions. As it looks toward the future, UltraPlay is well-prepared to continue its journey of excellence, enhancing the gaming industry’s landscape and setting new benchmarks for unparalleled success.


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