CasinoBeats Summit 2024 has closed its doors in Malta after three days of high-level networking, parties and “crazy” entertainment!

Information panels, exhibitions and networking opportunities characterized the event organized by SBC which involved over 4500 delegates.

Among these protagonists, our team reached and interviewed Rory Kimber, Commercial Director – Lucky Streak*

*About LuckyStreak

LuckyStreak is a B2B provider of high quality live dealer casino games:

  • Stream Blackjack,
  • Baccarat
  • Roulette and more …

The company has its own purpose built hi-tech studio in Riga which is open 24/7 to operators from all over the world and the mission is to provide exceptional products and services, with exceptional, personalised support. In addition to live casino games, the company has created bespoke and highly configurable promotional tools to engage and extend player values.

LuckyConnect, is LuckyStreak proprietary integration API, that offer access to a library of over 2500 games, including all promotional and bonus features, through the same single integration as live casino.

Official Website:

Here is our exclusive interview:

Hi Rory, happy to meet you here! How is your day going and what prompted you to participate in this SBC event?

Ciao Domenico. My day is going good so far, thank you. And it’s good to be back in Malta for CasinoBeats.

Malta is a major hub of igaming so it’s a great place to come for events, but also to meet people in our industry, residents and visitors. I’ve been in the industry for a few years now, and you get o know a lot of people, and everyone gets around. So it feels like a home-from-home.

CasinoBeats itself is a good event. It’s not too huge, so you get to see more people, at the event but also in the cafes and bars around the venue – of which there are plenty, and they are full of igaming people…. Perfect!

LuckyStreak is increasingly expanding across classic and emerging iGaming markets. How is 2024 going?

So far, really good… molto bene! There are a number of factors. Firstly, our marketing is starting to bear fruit: we committed to our plan a year ago and we’ve been pretty consistent with our brand and product marketing since then, targeting well, investing, getting our message across.

We’ve also invested in people (me included!) which brings experience and knowledge. We believe in our product and we’re being front-footed about it.

We exhibited at ICE London for the second year in a row, and that’s been a really effective door-opener.

The result has been a huge uptick in inbound interest, commercial conversations, and we’ve done more deals year-to-date than in the previous two years.

LuckyStreak and the Italy target! What’s new?

Well the importance of Italy as a market is not new; that’s an established fact. There are some big gaming businesses here, and we have strong relationships. I like to think it was a matter of time, but we’ve invested in those relationships because we want to be present in Italy. We have history, our products are a great fit, and our proposition is strong. We’re gaining momentum now and I’m delighted because it’s a very sophisticated market with huge opportunity. There’s much more to come.

Ask Me Anything (AMA), the social initiative that allows anyone to ask you something on LinkedIn. Tell us about it and how your audience responded

Our Head of Marketing Mark O’Donnell suggested it; our social strategy is to build our brand and authority through our business, products and people. With AMA we are able to show that we know our industry and we’re a serious igaming partner.

I was unsure at first, but the response was beyond our expectations – it just shows how curious and collaborative our industry is (even if some of the questions were on the lighter side!) There will be more of these to come – in fact I’d love to hear the thoughts and questions of readers of The Betting Coach, a very discerning and insightful bunch!

Some photos depicting your new sports career recently appeared on your social profile 🙂 LuckyStreak is not just business! Tell us about Lucky Streak after work and the fantastic team that makes up the company

The senior management are a tight-knit team. We communicate readily and often, it’s very open, honest and supportive, and that fosters progress and success. But I genuinely mean it when I say they are all people I consider friends too. No one ever wants to see you fail, exactly the opposite.

So, when we do get together – which isn’t often because we are scattered geographically – we make the best use of the time, professionally and socially.

Beyond that, the wider team at LuckyStreak – largely our Riga team – has a similar close, supportive and productive culture. I get out to see them 3-4 times a year, and there are always extra-curricular events, like our summer sports day and winter party, and there are no hierarchies, everyone just leans-in and has a brilliant time.

Last question… future! What will be the next events LuckyStreak will participate in and what can we expect for the second part of 2024?

Well Mark and Ady (Totah, CEO and Co-founder) are heading to Sigma Asia in Manila in June; this is a key market for us and the event is a fantastic opportunity to cement those relationships and build new ones.

Then into H2, we have iGB Live in Amsterdam, iGaming Central America in August, SBC Lisbon in September and back to Malta for Sigma Europe in November. So our footprint is big, but that reflects our customer base and the markets we serve. That’s the plan anyway, I would not be surprised if we add a few more as business continues its current growth path.


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