Pavel Kot – Head of Account Management tells us about BETCORE and its high-performance games for global markets.

1) Hello Pavel! TVBET has been a key player in the gaming industry for many years. For those who might not yet be familiar with the brand, could you please introduce yourself and tell us more about TVBET? Specifically, share your role within the company and what sets TVBET apart in the market.

Hello! Nice to meet you. My name is Pavel Kot, and I am the Head of Account Management at BETCORE/TVBET. TVBET specializes in the development and provision of live games for online gambling. We have been in the iGaming market for quite a long time and have established ourselves as leaders in live entertainment.

TVBET’s main product is a wide range of odds-based live games and lotteries, including popular games like Keno, Blackjack, and Poker, all broadcast in real-time, providing an exciting gaming experience for players.

The advantages of TVBET include:

  • High-quality and engaging gaming content with a wide range of betting options.
  • Innovative technologies and a high level of technical support.
  • A wide selection of games and the ability to integrate with various platforms.
  • Constant updating and development of the game portfolio.
  • Transparent and profitable conditions for partners.

As you know, live games have been a major trend in the iGaming market over the past few years, and we see tremendous potential in this area. That’s why we are actively developing and promoting live games for integration! Furthermore, over 300 partners worldwide have already integrated our games and are enjoying stable results from our content!

2) Live games are truly a trend in the gambling arena. Could you please share if there are any tools that partners can use when integrating your games to maximize their profits from your product?

Absolutely! It’s not enough to simply integrate the games. To ensure that our content delivers consistently strong results, we have a range of recommendations for our partners. By implementing these strategies, partners can achieve significant growth in bets and attract new clients to their casinos!

Here are a few key tips:

Top Positioning

The first recommendation for capturing players’ attention is to place banners featuring our games and the TVBET game category in top positions on your website. This includes the homepage, top menu, side menu, and footer. It’s important to label the category specifically as “TVBET Games” rather than just “Live Games.” Our brand is well-known, and using our name attracts players who are already familiar with our games.

Tags and Game Categories/Subcategories

Partners can enhance the visibility of TVBET games by using appropriate tags such as “New,” “Featured,” “Popular,” “Best,” etc. Highlighting our game provider with these tags draws more attention to our content.

TVBET Widget

The TVBET widget allows for better product placement to attract more players. It takes up minimal screen space and can be seamlessly integrated into almost any part of your website. Typically, it’s best placed on the main or home page to capture maximum visibility.

Promotions and Tournaments

We highly recommend our partners organize joint tournaments to attract new players. Tournaments are an excellent tool to increase bets and overall turnover, benefiting both us and our partners. According to our statistics, about 20% of newcomers continue to play our games on the partner’s platform even after the tournament ends. We put great care into preparing for tournaments. Together with our analysts, we develop the mechanics and focus of the tournaments to maximize customer attraction and retention.

3) It would also be interesting to touch on regional differences, as the consumed content and integration specifics are likely to vary from continent to continent. Do you have any special recommendations for specific regions?

Absolutely! The popularity of our games can vary significantly from region to region. Therefore, in promotional campaigns, we recommend our partners emphasize specific games that are most popular in their region. To assist with this, we’ve compiled a table of our most popular games by region. Highlighting these top games in your marketing efforts can enhance player engagement and boost your success.

RegionTop Games
AfricaKeno, Wheelbet, Fast Keno
AsiaWheelbet, Keno, Poker
Caribbean regionKeno, Lucky 6, Wheelbet
CISKeno, Wheelbet, 7Bet
EuropeKeno, Poker, Blackjack
Latin AmericaKeno, Wheelbet, Lucky 6
OceaniaPoker, Keno, Blackjack

4) Are there any additional tools that partners can use to further increase their profits?

Sure, there are more tools our partners may use:

Localized Marketing

We advise our partners to tailor their marketing efforts to suit regional preferences and trends. While TVBET games have universal appeal, implementing localized promotions can significantly boost engagement and player satisfaction.

Additional Tools

To attract more clients, we recommend utilizing additional tools such as jackpots, which we offer on all our games, as well as promo codes and cashback. These incentives are powerful ways to engage players and encourage them to keep playing.

5) I can’t overlook another important question regarding the status of TVBET. Recently we saw on the news that TVBET is now part of the new brand BETCORE. Is that true and how does BETCORE differ from TVBET?

For years, you’ve known us as the powerhouse behind TVBET. Now, as we embrace growth and innovation, we’re proud to unveil our new identity as BETCORE.

BETCORE is a premier provider of diverse casino games across multiple genres. Our platform offers seamless integration of an extensive gaming portfolio through a single API, enabling operators to rapidly expand their offerings and attract new players with ease.

Our Four Distinctive Sub-Brands:

  • TVBET: Our pioneering venture specializing in live TV games. This is where our journey began, and it remains a cornerstone of our success. TVBET continues to lead the live gaming sector with innovative live games that captivate players.
  • FASTSPORT: An all-encompassing platform and provider that seamlessly integrates both amateur sports and eSports events. With FASTSPORT, sports enthusiasts can engage in matches that span from 5 to 45 minutes, offering the same thrills and advantages as betting on major sports events.
  • El Casino: Hosting an array of popular live casino games, El Casino is meticulously designed to recreate the authentic casino ambiance within an online setting. Players can enjoy a truly immersive casino experience from the comfort of their homes.
  • Bet on Games: This brand integrates beloved instant-win games, including slots, crash games, scratch cards, lotteries, table games, and more. Bet on Games caters to a wide audience, offering a diverse selection of engaging and entertaining gaming options.


Now, TVBET is a vital part of the more comprehensive BETCORE brand. Leveraging the strengths and expertise of the broader BETCORE family, TVBET continues to deliver top-tier gaming experiences and drive substantial value for our partners.

6) Additionally, TVBET in collaboration with FashionTV Gaming Group recently announced the launch of a new game, FashionTV Keno. Could you please tell us what makes this game special and why partners should pay attention to it?

Yes, recently we launched our brand-new FashionTV branded KENO game in collaboration with the highly respected FashionTV Gaming Group. Set in an opulent environment with an exquisite atmosphere, this game is designed to attract high-value players and provide a premium gaming experience.

FashionTV Keno combines the elegance and sophistication of FashionTV Gaming Group with the technical excellence and betting mechanics of the TVBET brand. This partnership reflects our commitment to delivering unparalleled gaming experiences globally.

The new FashionTV branded KENO game is poised to become a favorite among VIP players, offering a unique blend of luxury and entertainment that sets it apart in the iGaming world. We highly recommend it for integration!


iGaming expert - with over 10 years of experience in the retail market in Italy and knowledge of global online gaming. In the past he has worked with the largest national gambling companies and he managed some land-based shops on their behalf. Entrepreneur, investor and enthusiast of difficult challenges, in 2015 he founded The Betting Coach Group, an international news and social marketing agency geared towards sports, esports and gambling companies. He is currently the C.E.O of The Betting Coach and is a consultant for Mr. Dragone collaborates with providers (game developers) and event organizers with the aim of helping them develop networks and business across continents. Passionate about journalism, he is the creator and promoter of iGaming Cafè, the first talk show in Italy, dedicated to companies and delegates from the gaming world.