Big US Sporting Events You Should Bet On

The year may be coming to an end, but there are still plenty of exciting US sporting events coming up. There is even more excitement attached to these events now due to the legislation changes made re online gambling.

There are always some significant sporting events to look forward to. However, going online and placing bets on them is still a relatively new experience for some Americans. The ruling that individual states could determine whether or not to legalize online gambling has changed everything. More and more states have legalized it.

That’s good news for them as they receive tax revenue, and it’s clearly good for gamblers, too. Not all states have made the decision to legalize gambling. If you are unsure about what is happening where you live, paying a visit to will supply you with all the information that you need. Now, let’s look at what’s in store in the coming months, all with fantastic betting opportunities.

The Breeders’ Cup

Top races in Europe may have taken place, but American fans have a great event to look forward to. The Breeders’ Cup sees top horse from all over the planet battling it out with massive prize money at stake.

On November 6 and 7, the Breeders’ Cup is held at Keeneland in Kentucky. There are betting opportunities galore with 15 races in two days. Imagine how excited you are going to be if a selection such as Magical is about to go clear of the other runners in the Breeders’ Cup Turf and land you a big win?

The Masters

The US Masters is traditionally the first Major to be held. This year though, it’s the last and takes place in Augusta, Georgia, from November 12-15. This is one of the best golf tournaments in the world, and golf legend Tiger Woods will be hoping to retain the title he won last year. There are plenty of players out there who will take him on as they try to win the Green Jacket.

The Masters isn’t just a spectacular event to watch; it’s a fantastic one to place bets on. If you are new to online gambling, you will soon discover that it’s not just a case of betting on who will win the tournament.

There is a multitude of different markets available, and in-play betting means you can bet on the action as it takes place. It’s a four-day gambling marathon with many ups and downs. Your heart will be racing every time your selection plays a shot.

The Road to the Super Bowl

Now that more states are legalizing online gambling watching American Football is even more exciting. The new NFL season has already started as the Kansas City Chiefs attempt to win a second straight Super Bowl.

There’s a long way to go in this new season, and there is plenty of excitement on its way. Being able to wager on the matches will take your enjoyment up a level or two. Again, there are markets galore to gamble on. How many points will be scored, what will be the winning spread and who will score the first touchdown are all markets available.

Major League Soccer

‘Decision Day’ is just around the corner in the MLS. November 8 is when the 16 teams that go into the MLS Cup playoffs will be determined. Then it’s knock-out time, with the final being held on December 12.

Soccer is a great sport to bet on. Can Seattle Sounders win the cup? Again, there are plenty of betting opportunities available with everything from who’ll score a goal to how many bookings there will be in a game. The odds will be continually fluctuating, and you’ll be cheering on teams such as FC Dallas and New York City Red Bulls, hoping they’ll give you some winning bets.

There are lots more sporting events for you to be placing bets on. The 2020/21 NBA season is scheduled to start sometime in December or January 2021. When it does begin, there will be a steady flow of games to be placing bets on. The first month of 2021 is also likely to see the start of the delayed 2020/21 NHL. 

When all these sports are up and running again, it’s going to see a feast of sport and betting opportunities for those states where online gambling is legal, and you’re going to love every minute of it.