Ajax-Juve 1-1: CR7 in goal, then a draw by Neres

A goal by CR7 at the end of the first half brings Juve ahead, reached at the beginning of the recovery from a magic of the Brazilian. The Dutch are better, but in the final Douglas Costa miss a goal

A great European football night. This was, first of all, Ajax-Juventus: intensity, high rhythm, high level technique. Of course, the final result counts more than anything, so here it is: 1-1, Cristiano Ronaldo and David Neres. The goals arrived a minute before and a minute after the interval: all concentrated in the middle of the match. The 1-0 is by Cristiano Ronaldo, in one of the two shots on goal by Juve (if this is not cynicism …).

Cristiano takes the ball, opens on Cancelo and throws himself into the area to close the longest triangle in the world. What matters is the combination of thought and instinct in those five seconds. Cristiano deflects the race a couple of times, escapes Blind and De Jong’s radar and, arriving in the area, discovers that Cancelo did what he had to: put the ball over his head. The rest is almost natural: CR7’s header and goal number 24 in a quarter-final of the Champions League.

The 1-1 instead – blasphemy sum – brings to mind the action of the great Dutch actions. Final 1974, the Netherlands starts the game and, before Germany touches the ball, referee Taylor whistles penalty. Here, almost the same. When the second half begins, Ajax builds, Cancelo has time to play a ball but gives it to David Neres who advances, kicks around and puts it in the corner: draw

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