Champions League: Manchester City-Tottenham incredible 4-3

Champions League:Tottenham in the semifinals against Ajax. Decides the goal by Llorente, canceled with the Var a 92 ‘goal by Sterling

Emotions, goals and show in Manchester, where after seven goals and almost 100 minutes Tottenham won the Champions League semi-final.

The goal of the Spaniard Fernando Llorente was decisive for the Spurs after the home comeback from 1-2 to 4-2. After the 1-0 of the first leg in London, the City had immediately impacted with a goal by Sterling after 4 minutes. But immediately the comeback of Tottenham, from 1-0 to 1-2 with two goals in three minutes of Son.

Not even the time to realize that a minute later Bernardo Silva’s 2-2 arrived, and then he completed the turnaround 19 minutes later with Sterling’s second goal: 3-2 at 21 ‘. Still not enough for the Citizens, who came back strong from the interval to find Aguero’s diagonal that brought them back into the double clash at the quarter-hour mark. Here the heart of Spurs came into play, first to curb the home charge, then with Llorente’s goal on a corner kick for the 4-3 at the 73rd minute which is the qualification for the Londoners, including the cancellation at the Var of the goal of Sterling in the 92nd minute that would have overturned the games again.

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