Denmark: EU Commission ok to new regulation for online casinos

Green light from the European Commission, at the end of the regular stand-still period, on the bill on online casinos presented by Denmark on 21 January. The changes made mainly concern an increase in responsible gaming and greater consumer protection.

The gambling authority certification program is an implementation of the Gambling Authority’s power to establish the requirements for certification and the requirements for the way test companies are accredited. These regulations arise from the need to implement new measures against gambling addiction and greater consumer protection following the modernization of the market and the liberalization of 2012.

The changes, among other things, introduce the mandatory use of Gambling labeling Authority, a limit to promotional measures, the deposit limit for online gaming accounts, the age limit for the game, the Authority’s responsible gaming guide, the game provider must become familiar with the player’s game models and must take measures to prevent and prevent the player from developing gambling addiction.

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