Iryna Kurochkina is one of the protagonists within the Cyprus Gaming Show Scene 2019 with Digital Choo (DC), her international marketing agency has extensive experience in the gambling industry

The countdown is finally over! Today 20 and tomorrow 21 May 2019, at the Nicosia Hilton Nicosia Hotel in Cyprus, the Cyprus Gaming Show is staged.

The prestigious third edition of the event, will bring together over 300 international and local companies operating in the gaming and entertainment sector, offering all visitors the opportunity to learn, through an extensive program of conferences and appointments, very important notions on games and the laws in Cyprus.

The betting coach (, official media partner of the event, presents the protagonists of the Cyprus Gaming Show 2019!

Here is our exclusive interview with Iryna Kurochkina – Digital Choo (DC) *

*Digital Choo (DC) is an international marketing agency with extensive experience in the gaming industry.

The company has detailed experience in a large number of categories such as: Bets, Casinos, Slots, Poker, E-sports, Fantasy sports, Binary options, Financial trading, Essay, Meetings, ICO, Crypto, etc.

With Digital Choo it is possible to identify and plan your business and marketing objectives in the various stages of evolution of your products. The company offers analytically valid solutions, interregional and multimedia planning, also a vast network of proprietary traffic sources, as well as providing sponsorship opportunities of any complexity.

The company have experience in the gaming sector and a large pool of customers on a global scale, who are the keys to the success of Digital Choo as well as a referral pool of over 500 international partners.

DC services are available worldwide, particularly in: Ukraine, Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Georgia, Tajikistan, Azerbaijan, Moldova, Poland, United States, New Zealand, Canada, China, Thailand, South Korea, Vietnam , Hong Kong, Mayotte, Turkey, United Kingdom, Germany, France, Sweden, Finland, Norway and various countries in Africa.

The Effie Awards, ADC, the “Golden Drum”, The Webby Awards, are just some of the awards that over time have led to Digital Choo becoming a major player in the global marketing business market.

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1 – Iryna Kurochkina is the Founder & CEO of Digital Choo a marketing company which has become a focal point for many global gambling companies! When and how was the Digital Choo idea born?

The Idea has stayed with key team members for the last couple of years and was conceived from the remnants of standardized marketing practices that no one is surprised by anymore. We wanted to create, amaze and showcase the unique features that cannot just inspire but also bring exponentially great results to client businesses. As an agency, we formed an independent unit 2 years ago to address this demand and their related implementation of services.

The core team which had excellent expertise in the category was prepared enough to monetize and reinvest it in the development of the company.

2 – Today we are focusing on the gaming industry, the laws, regulations and new online frontiers for betting: a balance made up of parameters to follow at all costs by carving out a fundamental space for your business within it. How does Digital Choo work and how does has it made a difference?

Everything is very simple. It’s like in life. If you can’t make a difference, change yourself and your perception. In fact, in our business adaptation is a key tactical tool used within the gaming industry. You cannot change the regulations which are constantly changing but you can adapt.

You can adapt your product to be responsive to these changes in the shortest possible terms, you cannot avoid or increase the Online or Offline frontiers but you can create unique ways to breaker through the clatter of these frontiers by thinking out of the box and see performance in your results. By keeping taking a fresh approach, we strive for the brightest solutions that make you stand out. It is the primary approach of our team that is integrated in our company’s results when providing services to all our Clients.

3 . What was the hardest challenge that Digital Choo has faced so far and what was the job that most satisfied you?

The hardest part is starting and breaking through barriers of already established giants on the market, that deliver similar services, but in a traditional format of use.

To prove to others that you are “unique” and “unconventional” – this is the motivating factor for development today. To prove that something works and the effect surpasses the expectations the conventional ideas of utilizing mark-up tools that are well used and established and do not carry any possible risks. The most difficult thing is gaining trust in a really short time.

Fortunately, today we already have enough cases that can dispel the fears of our Clients with results that showcase our capabilities based on the requirements, thereby inspiring and charging them even more. Therefore, to inspire and achieve the expected outcome – this is exactly the most satisfying part. So, this year as the result of our due diligence we are nominated as ‘Services rising star” and the best ‘Marketing and PR supplier’ in the gaming industry by EGR. It speaks of our recognition, trust by the industry and our acknowledgement from the start.

4 – The Cyprus Gaming Show of 2019 is an integral part of the showcase for the gaming industry and for companies in Cyprus, a destination for enthusiasts and experts in the industry from all over the world. Could you please tell me what are your current expectations from the third edition of this conference?

Such conferences always provide the best opportunity for practices exchange. They expand the depth of knowledge by providing interaction through: Product owner / Provider of Services in the gaming industry, showcasing your capabilities and offering a deeper understanding of currently existing capabilities by industry representatives, who understand the existing barriers, and expanding them through meaningful collaboration.

It is important to DC, as we never rest on our laurels; we are continually working on tomorrow’s trends within the industry and immediately turning them into a general market for customer demand.

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