Lou-Mari Burnett, protagonist of the “behind the scenes” of Cyprus Gaming Show 2019 with Eventus International, event organizer with deep experience in the gambling world

The countdown is finally over! Today 20 and tomorrow 21 May 2019, at Nicosia Hilton Hotel in Nicosia – Cyprus, it is going on stage with the Cyprus Gaming Show.

The prestigious third edition of the event, will bring together over 300 international and local companies operating in the gaming and entertainment sector, offering all visitors the opportunity to learn, through an extensive program of conferences and appointments, very important notions on games and the laws governing them in Cyprus.

The betting coach (wwwthebettingcoach.com), official media partner of the event, presents the protagonists of the Cyprus Gaming Show 2019!

Here is our exclusive interview with Lou-Mari Burnett – Eventus International Marketing Director *

*Eventus International is a dynamic, congressional and exhibition company capable of transforming opportunities into opportunities for all its partners.

Using its vast networks and expertise, it manages to create empowering summits that align the best practices and industry development with enhanced content and extraordinary networking opportunities. Summits and exhibitions of Eventus International, have a long-standing reputation and involve shareholders and market players from all over the world.

The events are designed to provide practical solutions to key strategic, tactical and technical challenges to create new opportunities in the sector. An extensive calendar of events including:

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Visit the website: https://www.eventus-international.com/

1 – Lou-Mari Burnett, marketing director of an important international organization, organizer of congresses and exhibitions such as Eventus Internaional, what is your job and what was your journey?

I am the Marketing Director of Eventus International, a dynamic, conference and exhibition producing company that connects leaders with leaders and turns opportunity into possibility.

I first started at the company a few years ago as Social Media Manager and Graphic Designer. After getting to the know the gaming industry better and developing international relationships, my role grew in the company, as well as our event calendar, and I came to lead our marketing, design and sales teams.

Today, as Marketing Director, I am responsible for the development and implementation of the brand strategy, developing and overseeing the marketing strategy for new and existing events, including campaigns, events, social media, digital marketing, and PR. I manage all marketing for the company and activities within the marketing department, as well as coordinating marketing campaigns with sales activities. While doing all the above, I am also responsible for new business developments and assisting in identifying new markets for Eventus International to expand as company and create new events for the specific market/ location.

2 – Your role in the company started in March 2018, can you take stock of this experience and how important is it for global gambling that companies like Eventus International create events like the Cyprus Gaming Show?

Our company has expanded tremendously in the last couple of years.

Since I started working as Marketing Director, I became responsible to do constant research in the gaming industry and to stay ahead of new trends and what is popular in the various locations/ markets we host our events. As an event producing company it is very important to create niche events such as Cyprus Gaming Show, which is located in a fresh new market in order to assist in growing the industry in the region.

Although there are many events world-wide, there were no gaming event in Cyprus to bring together the Eastern Mediterranean gaming world. We as Eventus International saw this need in the region for industry experts to come together as there was, and still is great potential for growth internationally. What we always strive to do at any of our events, is to create an unforgettable experience, not only in practical discussions, but also in exciting networking platforms, and ultimately do what we state in our company motto; and that’s to connect leaders with leaders and turn opportunity into possibility.

3 – You have experienced the Cyprus Gaming Show since the first beats behind the scenes, weaving and designing every little detail with your collaborators. When and how did the idea of a global event in Cyprus come about?

We have a very close team and we always give time for meetings to discuss the possibility of new markets for our events. Like every other time, we sat down and listed the possible brand new options for 2017.

Cyprus was amongst the options and stood out from the very beginning. After our team did thorough research we identified the need in the region. Cyprus is in close proximity with Malta, which is also a gaming hub on it’s own, but Cyprus needed an event to also be proud of. After our Managing Director, Yudi Soetjiptadi, was approached by the National Betting Authority of Cyprus, we were delighted to discover that they would fully support this new initiative and that we could be the proud producers of the first-ever Cyprus Gaming Show in 2017, with NBA as the proud Strategic Partners. We are honored to still have them supporting the event every year since.

4 – The market, the laws and the new online frontiers for betting with many parameters yet to be defined. Where to improve and how to protect companies and players who decide to confront the sector?

This is exactly why an event  such as Cyprus Gaming Show is so important for an emerging market. We as Eventus International, gathers other regulators and operators, as well as relevant stakeholders, to meet, discuss and learn from one another in order to move forward in the gaming sector in Cyprus.

5 – Cyprus Gaming Show 2019, an important showcase for the game and for companies, but above all for Eventus International in Cyprus. What do you expect from this third edition and how do you think the event can change habits and concepts about gaming among the population?

We as Eventus International always aim to attract the decision makers of the gaming world, and we are blessed when we can have them attend our events. So far we have over 200 C- level registered attendees and we expect that the 3rd Annual Cyprus Gaming Show will go very well for all who attends.

Regarding changing habits and concepts about gaming, we are proud to have a few discussions regarding responsible gambling, which includes case studies on problem gamblers, as well as players tracking and identification of problematic players. We also have a panel discussion on an action plan for responsible gaming in Cyprus and beyond, by a mixture of local and international speakers.

All attendees can expect to have the opportunity to learn from an extensive conference programme, network with industry peers and earn an understanding about current opportunities in Cyprus gaming market, industry trends and best practices, the latest technologies, products and services. We as Eventus International hopes that this will be another memorable experience for all.

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