The Infinity platform, organizer of the inaugural event of Gaming Expo Francophone Africa and Eventus International, partner of the event, announced Monday 3 June 2019 that GEFA 2019 will be moved to 2020

The inaugural Summit on the anthology of the Gaming Expo Francophony was held from 26 to 28 June 2019 in Abidjan, Ivory Coast, but due to the vast market, Platform Infinity and Eventus International decided to move the event to 2020 to create a wider follow-up for the event at global and local level.

“The French-language gaming market has great potential and we have identified the need to host an event in particular for French-speaking African countries. We were amazed by the interest that GEFA has received, but the numbers are not the ones hoped for right now. We believe that by moving the event to 2020, extra marketing time can be used to generate further international interest, as well as from all French-speaking countries in Africa. “- Yudi Soetjiptadi, Eventus International

The difficult decision to move the event until 2020 was supported by the partners and regulators of the GEFA event in Ivory Coast, as it was seen by everyone as a huge potential. “Transferring GEFA to 2020 will therefore allow all parties involved to generate greater international and local interest in the Ivory Coast.

Since there has never been a game event dedicated to French-speaking African countries before, GEFA is the first complete for all and therefore requires the time necessary to attract even more participants. Our goal is for the French-speaking countries to be recognized for their full potential and for all those who participate in making the most of their investment. “- Lou-Mari Burnett, Eventus International & Platform Infinity

With an extra marketing time of one year, Platform Infinity and Eventus International, along with their GEFA event partners and regulators in Ivory Coast, believe that this change will open up an even greater opportunity not only for the GEFA, but also for French-speaking countries in the gaming sector.

The new dates for the Francophone Africa 2020 Gaming Expo will be confirmed within the next month and registrations will reopen to allow everyone to book their packages of exhibitors / sponsorships and / or delegates.

For more information and / or reservations, contact the Infinity platform directly at:

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