According to the research results, numerous educational institutions see electronic sports as an opportunity to improve the students’ experience and stimulate the study of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics.

Extreme Networks and eCampusNews have published data from a research they carried out, about the esport industry.

The study, based on 281 interviews with technical and administrative exponents of primary and secondary educational institutions around the world, noted how the eSport phenomenon has managed to enter everyday school life; one school in five has an esport program, while 71% are considering adding it in the future. Only 9% of schools cited the lack of interest from users as a reason for the absence of this type of program.

The results underline the momentum of the electronic sports sector, and confirm the fact that schools are increasingly turning to this sector, to stimulate students’ curiosity, prepare them better for the labor market, and merge experiences in the classroom and online.

Here are the main results outlined by the research:

  • The Esports improve the scholastic experience and stimulate the study of scientific subjects: 56% of the schools with activities in the esport says that the program developed one of the best scholastic experience, while 47% observed an increase in interest in scientific subjects ( science, technology, engineering and mathematics).
  • At school level, League of Legends and Overwatch are the most successful games: 81% of the schools involved in sports compete in League of Legends and 50% in Overwatch, followed by Fortnite with 37%. Other games mentioned include FIFA, Hearthstone, Dragonball Fighter Z, Rocket League and Super Smash Brothers.
  • The fear of high costs is overestimated: 45% of schools cited the cost as a barrier to the development of an esport program, while the research found that 69% of schools with an already active program estimated an annual investment of less than $ 10,000.
  • The facilities dedicated to Esports are growing, where the network is a key element: 59% of schools with an esport program have a dedicated structure or are evaluating its realization. For this to be successful, it must have an adequate infrastructure with a network capable of connecting the PC for gaming connected to the minimum latency. Extreme Networks, already official provider of Wi-Fi solutions of the National Football League and support for entertainment during the last five Super Bowl, currently plays a key role in the expansion of the esport market in the world. Currently its infrastructure is being used by more than 17,000 schools and 4,500 universities in the world.


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