The Betting Coach: official entry into the Asian market in media partnership with Wispool Events

The Betting Coach and Wispool Events, have formalized a new media partnership for the “Gaming Innovation Summit”, scheduled for January 14 and 15 in Manila, Philippines

The Betting Coach website continues to expand abroad with the presentation of a new strategic partnership in Southeast Asia.

Wsipool Events is a leading B2B service provider in China and throughout Asia for organizing seminars, conferences and quality summits.

As defined, both groups will undertake to develop communication and marketing strategies with the aim of promoting the gaming and technology market in Asia.

In recent decades, the Asian gaming industry has grown exponentially, projecting territories towards new and coveted goals.

Recent technologies, the favorable betting tax system and the huge local Asian market have created a unique competitive advantage for companies investing in the area.

Gaming Innovation Summit 2019 will bring together government representatives, investors, iGaming producers, consultants, law firms to discuss the latest developments and share best practices, ideas and market insights.

The Betting Coach, thanks to this latest worldwide collaboration (the first in the Philippines), is confirmed as one of the most active and globally recognized gaming-oriented websites.

Appointment set for January 14 and 15 in Manila, the Philippines

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