Alexander-Arnold: “I owe everything to Jurgen Klopp”

Alexander-Arnold claims: “I owe everything to Jurgen Klopp”after his rise to Liverpool in the first team and in the senior national team.

“The main thing is wanting to win trophies, wanting to leave an inheritance behind and wanting to feel like you’ve had an impact on the club and the country.”

Alexander-Arnold made his Liverpool debut with Klopp in October 2016, two weeks after his eighteenth birthday; since then he has accumulated 97 appearances and won a Champions League.

An intense and rewarding period that led Gareth Southgate to choose him for his England in June last year, arriving at the semifinals of the World Cup.

When asked what debt of gratitude he owed to Klopp for the steep rise of his career, Alexander-Arnold replied: “Everything, really. Without him, who knows what would have happened.

This week Klopp celebrated four years at Liverpool’s command and Alexander-Arnold said he wanted to give his coach many more successes.

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