The AI In Gaming 2020 summit kicks off in less than two months on 26 and 27 February at the Crowne Plaza Dubai.

Join us at AI In Gaming 2020 where the best in both the AI and gaming industries will gather to share knowledge on how artificial intelligence is shaping the world of gaming.

We are proud to introduce another first rate international speaker at AI In Gaming 2020, Earle G. Hall, CEO of and GSA Blockchain Chair.

Earle G. Hall is an internationally recognised entrepreneur, visionary and innovator in several fields of technology. Earle is a graduate of the Royal Military College and a Veteran Officer. He holds a master’s degree in Public Administration and is pursuing a doctorate in Organisational Psychology.

Earle is the CEO of, a blockchain based cloud information management system present in more than 45 countries. He is the Gaming Standards Association Treasurer and Blockchain Chair as well as a vocal advocate for responsible gaming. Earle focuses on big data, information correlation, predictability and behaviour triggers.

Earle’s research focuses on neuroscience, human behaviour, purpose and personal growth. He is an acclaimed keynote speaker in technology and psychology and has spoken all over the world.

1. Eventus:

You are not only CEO of AXES and Blockchain Chair of the Gaming Standards Association (GSA), but also a veteran and keynote speaker for TEDx and other events. Can you share a bit of your background with us and how you have come to where you are today?


AI is not just tech, it is the fusion of the human and machine psychology. My research and experience in neuroscience as well as my expertise in tech are required to do my work in AI. I have taught at the master’s degree level and researched for many years while applying my work to my own organization’s core mission: to evolve information into actionable intelligence.

2. Eventus:

Internationally recognised as a visionary and authentic speaker, you have been dubbed by some as The Scientist of Happiness. What drives you and how do you think this contributes to your overall accomplishments on a continuous basis?


Our life purpose is to learn to love ourselves. That takes a lot of courage. Happiness is a byproduct of that courage of self-choice. To be happy, the mastery of the animal brain is essential and that all starts with conscious breath, a well hydrated body and a food regime that is focused on fuel and not feeding emotion. From there, thoughts can evolve from emotional response to inspiration. There … purpose can emerge. When you are working from a happy, balanced place, you can perform, inspire and lead as leadership is by example.

3. Eventus:

AXES is a blockchain-based IoT Fintech company. What was the motivation for aiming AXES’ services specifically at the Global Gaming & Amusement Industry?


We evolved out of building smart cards to empower cloud-based financial transactions for slot machines to ensure traceability, responsible gaming, anti-money laundering and KYC. The gaming industry emerged because of client demand. Moreover. When analyzing the land-based gaming sector, the technology lag of legacy products motivated to invest in our technology advance to build a world-class product base to disrupt and lead this new exciting era that is emerging. AI was a natural and necessary step for us because of the massive amount of machine, spatial and behavioural data we have been collecting for 8 years.

4. Eventus:

You will be addressing delegates at AI In Gaming 2020 on The critical issues created by AI and how regulators should address them. Can you give us a brief idea of one or two such challenges posed by AI in the gaming industry?


AI is as scary as it is exciting. AI poses serious ethical threats.

First of all, if AI is not regulated to ensure algorithms are constructed in a very transparent and forthright manner, several harmful effects may result. This is where the regulators and specifically the International Gaming Standards Association have to lead us and guide us.

Ethical AI will be as if not more important than key person licensing as algorithms will have the ability to manipulate, skew and completely change outcomes.

It is my personal and professional opinion that if we don’t act soon, the fiasco we saw with online poker will be exponential in the mainstream technology space if AI is not ethically managed.

5. Eventus:

In your opinion, how do you think delegates will benefit from attending AI In Gaming 2020 in Dubai?


The scariest thing about AI right now is the lack of knowledge and education. How can our industry clearly and smartly address all of the potential threats if we are not aware, educated and engaged? This event is a must attend to ensure that the dialogue continues, broadens and gets deeper. We need to ensure we address the issues and tackle the opportunities and this forum is an excellent moment to contribute to this critical stage of AI evolution.

6. Eventus:

What excites you about AI In Gaming 2020 and what do you hope to take away from the summit.


Dubai is vibrant right now with global opportunities. Dubai is a central hub for so many jurisdictions to come together to meet, speak and discuss what to do about AI and how to ethically adopt and evolve it.

I am extremely excited about the engaged professionals travelling to this summit to speak and to offer food for thought so that we can fuel intelligence into this very scary topic that could have dire consequences if we don’t get engaged immediately.

I am most excited to meet everyone and to converse and to share. These forums are rich in people who care and who want to give and share to make things better. That is the real magic of this event in Dubai.

Learn from and network with speakers like Earle. G. Hall and many other international AI, Blockchain and gaming professionals at the AI In Gaming 2020 summit in Dubai.

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