ICE London 2020: The Betting Coach meets STM Gaming, official partner of Btobet, leader in the creation and management of cutting-edge iGaming platforms

The wait is over … it’s time for ICE London 2020!

The event scheduled for 4-6 February, at the Excel in London, has finally come to an end. For the occasion, we met and interviewed Alessandro Pizzolotto, Co-Founder and CEO of STM Gaming.

Members of the sports, betting and casino games industries meet, as every year in London, to celebrate a new edition of ICE, the game event that has become an unmissable “cult” over time.

A crazy showcase of delegates and companies gathered in the same place to team up and structure incredible networking and high-level business opportunities.

ICE London is the global gaming “hub” open to all B2B industry experts. With over 35,000 admissions, it continues to be unrivaled, standing by right as the main event dedicated to technology and games.

On this occasion, the team of The Betting Coach reached the absolute protagonists of the event, doing interviews and telling exclusively for its readers, all the latest news presented in the various exhibition stands.

With immense pleasure we have reached Alessandro Pizzolotto, known on the occasion of Sigma Malta in November and found with immense pleasure in this edition of ICE.


“Founded in 2016, STM Gaming is Btobet certified White Label supplier, leader in creating and managing platforms for the gaming markets in Africa and Europe.”

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1 – Meeting you in the iGaming events that matter is now customary for our The Betting Coach team! Like SIGMA Malta, ICE London also represents a cult “product” for the global gaming industry. What are the aspects that most fascinate you about this annual event that has become so unmissable over time?

ICE is the appointment of reference in the calendar of every company that operates in the gaming sector, both for the size and for the number of professionals and not who come every year. Certainly the most important aspect is that being the ICE at the beginning of the year, all the main companies introduce innovations for 2020 and this year also STM Gaming, has exceeded every imaginable size. Btobet will release the new NEURON 3 gaming platform during ICE 2020 and we at STM Gaming will be present at the Btobet S1-320 stand as a certified white label supplier, to provide our support to all our partners.


2 – STM Gaming, was created with the aim of creating turnkey solutions for the gaming market in African territories. What are the fundamental aspects to be considered in order to meet all the needs of providers and related players in those territories?

The African market is very different from east to west, so it is difficult to create a unique product that satisfies everyone, but there are certainly a number of points in common. We have worked hard on the performances which are a focal point, given the high number of low-value bets, and on the usability of the mobile platform. In Africa most end users access via mobile solutions, so it is essential to have a very intuitive and very effective UX, and above all that it works on all browsers, especially those with low bandwidth consumption. In addition to this, within Neuron 3 there will be a new platform for Retail which in Africa is still the dominant part of this business.


3 – STM Gaming and Btobet, a winning combination consolidated for years now. What is the strength of this strategic alliance and what has allowed your company to become a certified White Label of one of the largest and most recognized iGaming companies in the world?

The strengths are many, but mainly I would say that with the White Label Solution formula, we give all start-ups and medium-small operators the possibility to have access to a very high level software at a much more affordable price, without having to compromise on the quality of the final product. Btobet chose us as their first Certified White Label provider because we had all the necessary requirements, and we have the enthusiasm and determination necessary to enter as a protagonist in a complicated and competitive market like the African one. I would say that so far the choice has been more than successful, but we certainly don’t want to stop here.


4 – The 2020 that has just begun promises to be a fundamental year for many of the new gaming territories, engaged in laws and measures to legalize gambling. How is the current situation in Africa and what future prospects for doing business are there for your company?

2020 will be a very important year for us, we have released many specific innovations for the African market, from a new sport feed to a new retail product, and we hope to improve the growth rate recorded in 2019. About the laws, African continent it is already far ahead from this point of view, many states have laws that govern the game, and those who do not have them are working to create them, and the situation can only improve. I think that in the next few years many states will follow the example of East Africa as a system of taxation and licensing to protect both operators and players.


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