Fa Cup: Eric Dier shock! He climbs into the stands and attacks some fans

Tottenham midfielder Eric Dier broke into the stands and clashed with some of his team’s supporters after his defeat in the English Cup against Norwich.

The English Fa Cup and Tottenham with its player Eric Dier become the protagonists of a negative episode that has already gone viral on social media.

In fact, Dier was filmed while jumping the billboards on the sidelines and then climbing on the various seats and trying to reach a fan with whom he would have to “settle the accounts” following numerous insults suffered.

Fortunately, the collision between the player and the fan did not take place thanks to the timely intervention of the stewards and some fans present there.

“… a serious episode that must definitely be punished because it is not professional, however justified by the fact that during the match this fan had repeatedly and continuously addressed insults to our player and his family” …

These are the words of Jose Mourinho during his press conference.