High-performance virtual games, certified and innovative betting solutions are the basis of the commercial offer of DS Virtual Gaming, an ambitious company dedicated to international gambling and protagonist of this edition of Italy Week.

Global Gaming Digital Expo, officially celebrates its three days of virtual exhibitions, insights, webinars, news and much more, in the company of the main leaders in sports, eSports, betting, casinos, payments and verticals related to sport and gaming.

From 6 October 2020, Italy Week proposed a focus dedicated to suppliers currently authorized to operate in the area, studying with them some fundamental issues that could interest companies that in the future want to do business in this market.

“Il Bel Paese” – Italy – is a historic gaming hub and despite Covid19 and the new government laws, it still has a lot to tell and to offer for the business of many delegates and companies.

Among the absolute protagonists of the digital event, we met Araksi Sargsyan, Head of Business Development of DS Virtual Gaming, sponsor and exhibitor of Italy Week.

The innovative and dynamic company she represents has decided to direct its interest to the Italian market and operations are underway to obtain the certifications to operate throughout the territory.

Here is our interview:

1 Araksi Sargsyan, your path in the gaming market starts a long time ago. Tell us your experience. Who are you, what is your experience over time and what role do you currently play in Ds Virtual Gaming?

My journey in this wonderful industry started about 8 years ago at BetConstruct, as a Customer Service Representative. I was quickly promoted to Account Manager, where I was in charge of developing B2B projects around the world. Afterwards, I left B2B to develop a B2C project in Kazakhstan. Then I worked as Business Development Manager for Latin America at Digitain. From April this year I have started as the Head of Business Development at DS Virtual Gaming.

This is a very challenging task as it includes tackling day-to-day business by not losing the strategic focus of the company.

I never thought that I would land in this industry. But I enjoy each and every aspect of it and I am passionate about our fast-growing vertical.


2 DS Virtual Gaming develops high-performance virtual games for the global gaming markets. What are the products that best represent you and what are their fundamental characteristics?

There are several providers of Virtuals in our industry. Each provider has his own characteristics.

What most differentiates our games is that we only use pre-recorded videos to show the results. We have opted for this path because we believe that emotions are crucial for bettors. We found it extremely difficult to replicate the same feelings with animated footage.

Our RacingDogs product for example guarantees the same level of thrill and excitement as if you were live in a real greyhound stadium.

Another peculiarity of our games is that the RNG is directly connected with statistics. Moreover, our high odds and pay-out rates have proved to be a success factor. Players trust our games because their winnings aren’t manipulated. That is why they come back and play again.


3 Your offer is not only geared towards the virtual games market. Indeed, the proposals dedicated to terrestrial shops betting are interesting. Virtual Gaming Control and Prepaid System in particular, what are we talking about?

Exactly, we have tailor-made solutions for the online and land-based industry.

Our portfolio is immense and takes into consideration the differing needs of each customer. Established clients need less infrastructure than new operators. African clients have other obstacles than European customers, and so on.

For example, if an operator only had a land-based offering so far, we can set a turnkey solution for an online business in no time and without the need of an external payment provider. For this purpose, we use our prepaid system, which is very easy to handle. The system works like voucher cards that can be topped-up at any time.  

All the operations are monitored and analysed in our back-end tool, Virtual Gaming Control (VG Control). All private data relevant to the operator is saved and displayed there. It allows for the swift and uncomplicated management of the business.


4 Your new job at Ds Virtual Gaming comes at a difficult time for life and for global business. The pandemic and related disruption of travel and land-based events have blocked most networking opportunities. From April 2020 to today, what balances can we trace in your new adventure?

Yes, indeed. The pandemic is and was a big challenge. Of course, our land-based operations suffered during the lockdown period, but this was the case in the entire industry. Thankfully, the online operations skyrocketed, which could offset a part of the losses.

Personally, I have a very open character and like meeting people face-to-face. It is no secret, that extroverted personalities like me suffered most from the pandemic and the social distancing, but I am sure that we will go back to normality soon.

I try to get in touch with people virtually through the various online events, but I also hope to be able to greet them in person soon.


5 Italy Week as an interesting opportunity to deepen the knowledge of the territory and to start orienting business and ideas to the Italian market. What do you expect from this digital event?

We are currently in process of obtaining the needed certification for the Italian market, in order to offer our products there. ADM is a sophisticated regulator, but we are confident that we will finalize the process soon. Our aim now is to get to know the market and the big players and represent our offer to the community. We believe that Italy Week is the best opportunity for networking.



We are the comprehensive service provider in the field of virtual sports betting and online games, here to support you speedily and easily with all matters related to licensing and technical solutions. You can always count on our reliable all-round service. With DS Virtual Gaming, it is not just your customers who win all the way – you do too. Our top products RACINGDOGS, RACINGDOGS+, RACINGHORSES, RACING KARTS, and ROULETTE are established bestsellers, and promise long-lasting fun with the highest standards.

That’s why DS Virtual Gaming is your perfect partner for lasting customer loyalty – because satisfied customers will come back and play again.”

Visit the online stand at the following linkhttps://it.globalgamingdigitalexpo.com/ds-virtual

You can contact its delegates via internal chat or using the official channels:





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