Many punters have found genuine interest in betting on darts tournaments. Darts, as a sports activity, has gained much attention among enthusiasts and sports lovers across the planet.

The Professional Darts Corporation (PDC) presents the best darts players around the world, competing at various big-money events all through the year.

In recent times, there are several appealing darts tournaments, including the PDC World Championship, which is often held during Christmas and the New year. Stars look forward to battling for the right to be crowned the world champion. This title, however, has been claimed by Phil Taylor sixteen times.

Other tournaments you can bet on

The premier league commences after the world championship. This is an event based only on invitation. It spans for weeks.

Ten players are selected to take part in a round-robin competition weekly before the top four players compete in the knockout tournament eventually.

Other competitions include World Matchplay, European Championship, Champions League of Darts, UK Open, Grand Slam of Darts, World Cup of Darts and many more.

All these tournaments are individual competitions except the World Cup of Darts. A round-robin, including a Grand Slam, can also be held. However, most of them are knockouts and there are a specific number of legs every single time.

The aim of a leg involves scoring 501 points before your opponent does. Occasionally, a player might have to begin with a double, but it involves scoring so high and finishing with a double.

Tips for Making Money on Darts Betting

Over the years, dart has evolved from being an entertainment only enjoyed in pubs into a sports activity that is worth betting on. As darts keep gaining recognition among sports enthusiasts across the globe, there has been a significant increase in darts betting popularity. As a result, there is a need to be acquainted with certain tips that can be helpful when placing a wager on darts matches.

Understand how the darts betting markets work

If you wish to bet successfully, it is essential for you to be conversant with how the betting market works. There is a variety of markets, with different options among various bookmakers. Match betting – which is the most popular – involves gamblers placing a wager on the player that they feel can win. You can also place your bets on a player you think can score the most 180s. Usually, outright markets for major events, including the PDC championship are available months before the events. Then, as these events draw closer, players can then place a bet on the matches they prefer. Indeed, there are several sites, including, where you can learn more about how the darts markets work.

Select the right events

Darts, just like other sports, have different events with varying profitability. As a result, you can choose from a selection of options that are made available at various betting websites. It must be stressed that the more illustrious a tournament is, the more competitive it will be. This simply implies that such competition will have high-roller players betting on match or tournament outcomes. Before providing the odds, sportsbooks consider the popularity of an event. Because of this, you must choose the type of competition you want to wager on smartly if you wish to make good money.

Look out for the short-form format

Most of the events in darts are held in match play format, including a series of legs. In these competitions, winners are crowned on a best-of basis. For instance, the best of 19 implies that any player that wins 10 legs first is declared the winner regardless of the number of legs played at that point. However, this long-form format is better suited for favorites. In such events, regular players find it easy to settle into their game. They can easily catch up when they lose in their stages. On the other hand, the short format has more upsets and it is easier to bet on underdogs with higher odds since favorites may only have little chance to recover whenever they lose in the early stages.

Choose the right betting sites

Besides the security of a betting site – which is important for the safe protection of players’ funds and details – there are other great features your preferred betting site must possess. Bonuses and promotions can play a significant role in improving your chances of winning. Hence, this is a feature you must also look out for. In addition, the casino must offer a good mobile app, game fairness, and reliable customer service. 


As dart keeps growing in influence among punters and sports lovers, more sites are presenting it as a gambling market. However, making money while betting on darts is not guaranteed. There are certain tips that are essential. Some of these have been discussed above. With them, winning becomes a lot easier.


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