Zafar Zahur – CEO Khazina Technologies is among the delegates interviewed by iGaming Cafè on the occasion of the first appointment with SAVE THE DATE! With him, we discussed iGaming platforms and sports feeds… Find out all the details!

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On the occasion, we met Zafar Zahur – CEO Khazina Technologies (EUNSports)

Experienced CEO 14+ years with a proven history of working in the information technology and services industry. Strong experienced business development professional, graduated from the University of Punjab.

Zafar is the CEO of a sports data provider company experienced in sports data management, sports data analyst, results in administrator, sports trader, help desk/customer support etc.


About Khazina Technologies (EUNSports)

EUNSports is a leading provider of sports data feeds. The company is the best organization for quick and accurate sports information at a price.

EUNSports provides data feeds for football, ice hockey, basketball, rugby, eSports and motorsports, which are currently the most common and dominant sports.

If you need to create your application/website with rapid and sporting legitimate data, EUNSports is your reliable partner.

Official Websites: CLICk HERE

The iGaming industry is constantly looking for new solutions and services to satisfy its users and offer cutting-edge services.

What are the basic requirements that every web gaming platform must have? What are the strengths and which are the critical ones to keep under control in the field of sports feeds?

Here is our exclusive interview:

1 – Hi Zafar, thank you for your time! How are you and where are you from?

Hi Domenico, I’m happy to be here!

I’m fine thanks, I live in Pakistan, specifically in the Lahore District in Punjab.

This is a very beautiful area of the Region, it is pleasant to live there and here I have decided to structure my company.

2 – Khazina Technologies offers products and services to the iGaming industry. Can you explain better what it does?

We are a company focused on providing data.

We manage the various feeds in a simple and super fast way and we take care of the analysis, administration, and marketing of everything related to sport and its details. We have a private analytics department and a dedicated help desk/customer service to better serve the market.

Khazina Technologies has everything you need to better manage every single function for the supply of feeds: we have the infrastructure, the office, the workforce, the uninterrupted power supply, all the equipment that is essential for an office that deals with serving a large number of partners.

3 – How does the provision of sports data work? What is the manufacturing process?

Our data management systems are connected to the main servers of every sporting event in the world. We receive feeds from all of these markets and process them so that they can be transmitted via our systems to all our partners.

We have a logistic system that receives and transforms every second of data coming from tournaments, events and leagues in every part of the world. This takes place 24 hours a day without stopping to guarantee an optimal and appreciated service by end-users.

4 – How does the data procurement work and which are the most requested?

This is a very interesting question!

The primary data comes to us individually from each sporting event around the world. Whether it’s football, tennis or other sport, our system receives match-by-match details and re-processes them into a single, well-supplied data package which we, in turn, transmit via our API to all partners connected to our servers.

Among the most requested data, we certainly find those relating to football even if some things change from continent to continent and sometimes even from region to region.

In particular, we provide match odds, over / under market, Asian handicap, corner market, cards, etc., for each match in sports such as football, ice hockey and volleyball.

E-Sports Tournaments (Dota2, LOL, Counter-Strike, Overwatch etc) Also the dynamic development of the Esports front-end.

Various sports fixtures (football, basketball, ice hockey, tennis, golf, Formula1 etc.

Lineups, player stats, team stats, head-to-head comparison, tables, standings, top scorer lists, etc.

5 – You talked about eSports! What are the most requested data on the videogames market?

Esports has now become a fixed point for global betting, and more and more Bookmakers are requesting this type of data to offer new betting solutions to their users.

Our company is equipped with this kind of data and we provide daily the best on events such as League of Legends, Overwatch, CS: GO, FIFA and many other global events and tournaments, both online and land-based.

6 – Let’s talk about sports data integration, how does the process work?

Integrating our sports data is easy!

We have a very performing API that adapts to the needs of our customers and helps them formulate a tailor-made product.

This API is updated frequently and guarantees the best in terms of data speed and completeness of the information.

7 – Who is your offer of products and services aimed at? And why choose Khazina Technologies?

We currently provide a good number of small partners including The Betting Coach and LoginBet! We have a few web newspapers and livescore sites around the world and the list of new companies is ready to grow even more.

These companies have chosen our product for many reasons, among the main ones we certainly find the very large number of data we provide and the advantageous price that we are able to offer on the market.

8 – In addition to data and prices, what are the other strengths of your company?

Certainly our predisposition to customer care and customer satisfaction. As anticipated, we have a dedicated help desk that takes care of ensuring the best of information and daily assistance for all our partners.

9 – Global gambling restarts after Covid19 but must immediately deal with the war between Russia and Ukraine. What do you think has changed and what will change?

Covid slowed down land-based businesses but favored online businesses. We’ve certainly seen a lot of postponed events and leagues stopped, so in that time it was difficult to manage and provide large numbers of sports feeds. However, there have been championships that have not stopped and have provided companies with solutions to continue working.

The situation has now resumed in a big way and everything is back to normal.

Regarding the war, it is an unfortunate and particular situation that we cannot yet predict. I don’t think anyone knows what will change following this event.

10 – Let’s talk about a quantifiable future! What are the next news that your company will present on the market?

To always be competitive and of a high level, it is necessary to update. We are planning new data and sports additions. We will be expanding our offer shortly by providing additional services, but I can’t tell you about this yet, it’s a surprise!

11 – To conclude, how and when can we meet Khazina Technologies?

We are always reachable and available in our offices here in Pakistan!

We offer telephone assistance, via Skype or even on social networks and in particular on LinkedIn.

In the coming months, we will evaluate some land-based events and we will soon be able to formalize some stages. Stay with us!


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