The Road to Roobet Cup Starts Here!

Who’s excited for the next Roobet Cup?! After the success of last year’s debut event, we certainly are! Although it’s not quite here just yet, we can already feel the excitement in the air. 

Luckily for us, we won’t have to sit around doing nothing. To keep the fans of the highly competitive Counter-Strike occupied until the titular event kicks off, the Roos of Crypto’s Fastest Growing Casino have put together a couple of events. In the true spirit of CS, they’re both rather competitive, which should prepare us for the destination.

Try your luck with Roo’s $60,000 Top Frag Tourney

Starting out with the more competitive of the two, Roo’s $60,000 Top Frag Tourney is here for all your fraggers out there. Hop on over and challenge other players for a prize pool of $60,000 in a game of big spins and bigger wins!

Roo’s $60,000 Top Frag Tourney:

  • September 18th – 24th
  • Ten featured slots
  • Minimum bet: $1
  • Hit multipliers for the score
  • Total prize pool: $60,000
  • Grand prize: $10,000
  • 500 winners

It’s rather simple – give the reels a good ol’ whirl and land those big X’s to get your score as high as you can before the end of the event. If you’re lucky, you can win up to $10,000! Double-check the featured slots and make sure that you’re playing on one of them, as those are the only ones that count toward your score!

Double down on your wins with Roo’s $50,000 Raffle Reloaded

The second event starts on the same day and plays throughout the month. It’s a simple raffle that you will participate in parallel if you join Roo’s Top Frag Tourney. How so? Because every wager on any activity across Roobet will count towards your ticket progression. 

Roo’s $50,000 Raffle Reloaded:

  • September 18th – October 1st
  • Wager $500 across Roobet for a ticket
  • Wager $500 on Coin Flip for 5x tickets
  • Total prize pool: $50,000 
  • Grand prize: $10,000 
  • 100 winners

Wager a total of $500, and you’ll get one ticket, or play Coin Flip to grab 5x tickets instead and get an advantage! The best part is that there’s no limit to how many you can have, so try to grab as many as you can, as the more you have, the better your chances at the $10,000 prize are.

Get your game on!

With a line-up of events like these, the road to Roobet Cup looks nothing but promising. 

Long-time fans and the rookies among us have much to look forward to, as we keep ourselves entertained before the spectacle.

If you haven’t yet, visit the friendly Roos of Roobet and enjoy many games any way you want. Spin, wager, win, and strike the gold with a combined prize pool of $110,000 across the two promotions. That’s a total of $20,000 grand prizes if you’re that lucky!

Best of luck, players; we’ll see you at the Roobet Cup!


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