Night of champions for mixed martial arts, in Atlanta two UFC belts up for grabs

Non avevi visto una serata MMA come stasera alla State Farm Arena di Atlanta per qualche tempo. Prima di tutto per le due cinture UFC in palio, anche se provvisoria: quella dei pesi leggeri, il cui vincitore probabilmente affronterà Khabib Nurmagomedov quando tornerà a novembre; e quella del peso medio, dove il campione in carica Whittaker era finito sotto i ferri per un’infezione allo stomaco. E poi per lo spettacolo e i temi che anticipano la serata.

SAINT PREUX VS KRYLOV (light maximums) – The meeting of the Von Flue choke: a strange shoulder-to-neck submission grip of which Ovince Saint-Pierre is a master. It is the only one to have won three UFC matches, the first time it was 5 years ago precisely against Nikita Krylov, who will therefore have one more reason to be careful. The Ukrainian has returned to the UFC a short time after a couple of years in Russian promotions, for him as for his opponent is a watershed match: similar structure, not two lightning bolts but technicians in grappling and heavy fist, who wins is proposed for the top 10 of the ranking.

JOUBAN VS GRANT (welter) – Dwight Grant the Italian fans met him in February, when he won by k.o. a match that would have lost points to Carlo Pedersoli: defensive fighter, calculator, long levers, cashier who hits hard the first time. Alan Jouban, on the other hand, was an all-time outsider a few years ago but then ran into two defeats in a row and injured his neck. His style is the opposite: fast, spectacular, aggressive striking. Not only does this, Jouban: he also works as a model, a year ago he shot a commercial for Versace with Gigi Hadid. One of his re-launches would give the character a boost even in the media, but eye: Grant a moment you are distracted … ANDERS VS ROUNTREE JR (light maximums) – Another battle to enter the ranking area. On the one hand Eryk Anders, former Ncaa star of American football (Alabama), at the debut in category after two defeats of which the last with a broken hand, heavy blows and never dome. On the other hand, Khalil Rountree Jr., who entered the gym at the age of 20 to lose weight for the first time and immediately fell in love with MMA, who had just returned to work in Bangkok for a year on Thai boxing, a non-technical but fast-moving thug in relation to the body . Almost boxing approaches, for a match that will be played a lot on its feet.

GASTELUM VS ADESANYA (medium belt) – Israel Adesanya is one of the rising UFC stars, for various reasons. First of all, he is strong: unbeaten in the Mma, 16-0 of record and 5-0 in the last year. Then you don’t know how to take it: an average weight of 1.94 with long legs and arms, lethal chassis if you look at the background in kickboxing (25 victories out of 30, it was among the first 7-8 world elevations). Finally, because he does the show: kicks like rotating blades, provocations, unexpected blows, boldness, ballets, if he has fun. It was in the air that at the first opportunity would have given him a chance as a title, but an eye: Kevin Gastelum touches him, the original challenger for the title. Mexican of origins and soul, Gattuso’s double and former guarantor of bail, he gives his rival about 20 centimeters in height but he is a man oak, collects as few, comes from wrestling and fights well on the ground but has flushes of Latin anger and boxing combos which, if nailed to the cage, are very bad. He will attack, Adesanya will use the levers to keep him at bay and sap him. Match show if there is one.

HOLLOWAY VS POIRIER (light belt) – February 2012: Lamas, opponent of the talent Dustin “The diamond” Poirier gets hurt a few days before the match, and to replace him they risk a 20-year-old, the youngest to get on an UFC octagon. The boy fights but is inexperienced and yields to the opponent’s submission. The boy was Max Holloway, who 7 years later is a featherweight champion and in the Olympus of the Mma. The last time he hit McGregor in 2013, since then, only victories, 13, the longest streak in UFC history. Better than Khabib, a phenomenon he too but that the bulk of his 27-0 put him up in the Russian promotions. The Hawaiian has the best boxing in the circuit: regular, constant, rhythmic, dodging and striking dancing and punching after punch demolishes you. Even Poirier’s is beautiful, less versatile but more powerful, but maybe it will try to bring Holloway to the ground, like 7 years ago. It’s not his top, but neither is Max’s. Certainly, though, there are two that when you need a test of courage know how to pull it out. And whoever wins then has little time to enjoy it: by the end of the year it should be his own Khabib.

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