Dr. Laila Mintas, speaker of AASBS2019, lawyer expert in sports betting regulation with duties in management and growth of world businesses

All American Sports Betting Summit, opens its doors to the 2019 edition!

The long-awaited and prestigious appointment with the gambling in USA has finally arrived and the Monmouth Park Race-Track of New Jersey in these two days 18 and 19 June, is ready to become the absolute pole of attraction of world betting.

The betting coach (wwwthebettingcoach.com), official media partner of the event organized by Eventus International, presents the protagonists of the All American Sports Betting Summit 2019!

Here is our exclusive interview with Dr. Laila Mintas, a successful lawyer and expert in managing relations between partners and sports championships in the United States and around the world

Prominent expert in the legislation and regulation of sports bets and  varius roles as speaker all over the world, including Europe, Australia, North America, Central America, Asia.

Visiting professor at various universities such as Columbia University in New York, St John’s University in New York and Humboldt University in Berlin / Germany on topics such as sports law and sports integrity.

Professional lawyer, member of the board of directors of World Sports Advocate and responsible for managing the growth of the business including full responsibility for P & L and definition of strategy, vision and mission.

Leadership and staff organization of over 350 employees to achieve strategic goals and ensure appropriate governance and controls.

Expert in managing high-level relationships with league partners in the US such as NFL, NBA, NHL, MLB, NASCAR, MLS, CONCACAF and many others globally including FIFA and UEFA and with clients such as Google, Facebook, Twitter , Sports Illustrated, AP, Yahoo, Deutsche Bank, Allianz, DraftKings, FanDuel etc.

1 – Lawyer and expert in managing relationships between partners, Dr. Laila Mintas, what does your work consist of and what was your journey?

I am currently serving as Chairwoman of the Strategic Advisory Board of the omni-channel sports betting and iGaming platform Bet.Works and I am also a consultant in the sports industry. Bet.Works provides the technology that powers turn key solutions to our partners enabling a true omni channel sports entertainment experience.  From your desktop, mobile device or at one of our on-site retail locations, Bet.Works has compiled a world class suite of products and services supported by the USA’s most experienced sportsbook operations team, it’s an exciting time indeed. NJ residents will be the first customers in the USA to play on the Bet.Works platform later this summer when theScore, the USA’s #1 app for sports bettors launches their NJ based sportsbook. 

 2 – Sports bets and their rules, a segment in which you are a leader, why did you choose bets?

I have always loved sports. Being a lawyer by trade, I wrote my PhD about Betting via the Internet in Europe and came to the conclusion that the German monopoly on sports betting infringes European Law. Shortly after that, the European Court decided in the same direction which was great. FIFA hired me to help them in understanding the risks and opportunities sports betting could have for the global soccer business. Since then, I am enjoying to working within the intersection of sports and technology, including the sports betting, digital sports and fan engagement sector having held different executive positions in this industry. As betting evolves, it provides huge opportunities for the stakeholders but it also entails risks. Of all the casino verticals, running a sportsbook is the most complex. The reason I chose to join Bet.Works is that they quite simply have recruited some of the best US-based minds in the industry and paired this unique team with the most advanced betting platform and risk and trading tools built expressly for US sports.

3 – Professor at prestigious universities a speaker at highly successful meetings such as the All American Sports Betting Summit; you play a delicate role with the aim of training and informing your listeners. What do you expect from this 2019 edition and what are the themes you will face?

My panel will address the risks that come with betting such as problem gambling and player protection. It is very important to not forget about these topics in the short term. We need to make sure these aspects are kept in mind while drafting the regulations and operating as a business. Bet.Works as an omni-channel iGaming platform can for example implement a responsible gambling policy for our partners that creates specific parameters to ensure we protect the all consumers of our products and services.

4 – Sports and betting: many experts consider these two segments not compatible with each other! Match repair and easy economic interests risk overcoming the true values of sport. How do you think and how, according to your experience, is it possible to manage this cohabitation?

It’s the perfect symbiosis – There is no sports betting without sports. But looking into TV ratings and traditional broadcasting for sports you see a clear decline. The tendency is that the younger generation doesn’t like to watch four-hour games. Their so called attention span is much lower. Sports betting is the perfect way to keep them entertained and therefore engaged with sports. But apart from the viewership aspect, sports can also benefit from sponsorship deals with the gambling industry which can lead to new attractive revenue streams for sports via new sports betting products or “markets”.

Of course, there are also risks involved – think of match manipulations that compromises the integrity of the games or addiction. What it needs in any case are clear regulations and transparency when it comes to the relationship between sports and the betting industry. 

5 – Sports bets in the USA, a market that is yet to be defined and regulated. How important is the growth of the sector for the national economy and what can be implemented to favor its correct development?

Before the repeal of PASPA, At least 200 billion USD was going off-shore every year because people in the US were betting in an unregulated environment. The volume of a regulated market will be much higher than that as more people will wager once they have a legal way to do it. But the size of the market will highly depend on the legislation and if it allows licensed bookmaker to compete with the off-shore offerings. In order to do so the US legislation need to allow online-betting and in-play-betting in the entire state and not only on premises, mobile MUST be included to capture the widest audience; taxes, costs for data and licenses must be reasonable as well, or we get into situations like Pennsylvania and Illinois who have made it incredibly costly to run and operate a sports betting business. Meanwhile states like NJ and Iowa have made sure that operators will be successful and generate maximum tax revenue for the state by fostering a competitive sports betting ecosystem. Overall, I see sports betting as a tool to engage fans which means it leads to a higher demand of data, analytics and content of sports which will fuel the entire sports industry.    

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