Flaviano Fogli, Chief Operating Officer of Espresso Games, with deep knowledge of foreign gambling markets with a pioneer role in Peru 2019 Gaming Show

The countdown to this 17th edition of the Peru Gaming Show, has finally come to end and the world of gambling, is ready to take the field to be at this June 19th and 20th at the Centro de Exposiciones Jockey in Lima, in Peru.

The long-awaited event, is considered one of the unmissable events, aimed at world gambling, among the most important in all of South America.

Also this year, PGS offers all its participants the opportunity to discuss and deepen important notions useful for getting in touch with everything there is to know about the factors of the sports betting market in South America.

The Betting Coach – official media partner, will follow for its users, every single moment of the global fair organized by AMG (Affiliated Marketing Group), meeting and interviewing the absolute protagonists of this 2019 edition.

Here is our exclusive interview with Flaviano Fogli, Chief Operating Officer of Espresso Games *

* Espresso Games is a “boutique studio” specialized in the development of innovative and elegant games for online and mobile around the world.

Special game engines have led to the achievement of two patents all over the world: the RACEPOT® and REELPOT® systems that further improve their broad portfolio of unique games.

Since 2002, the Espresso Games branded games are synonymous with guarantee to the same extent that a tailor makes the dress strongly desired by his client.

The legendary Slots remain on the list preferred by the players as if they had just come onto the market and the new generation Slots amaze and retain customers without interruption!

Visit the official website: www.espressogames.com

1 – Flaviano Fogli, COO of Espresso Games with a deep knowledge of the world gambling markets. What is your role in the company and what has been your journey to date?

In Espresso Games I work to coordinate product development and application of commercial strategies. My path in the gaming industry began in 1999, in Canada, where I co-founded a software house that developed online casino games that were fairly successful. The company was sold in 2006 and from there I had several experiences around the world that allowed me to deepen my knowledge of this industry, both from the point of view of the operator and from the point of view of the software provider.

2 – Espresso Games, a Made in Italy game development company for the global market. Since 2002 synonymous with passion and innovation! When was the company idea born and what are the secrets of such an important and fast success?

The company, as you said, was born in 2002 and has undergone several transformations over the course of this almost twenty years. The last transformation took place two years ago when he decided to invest all his energy and experience in expanding and renewing his game portfolio. Having noticed that, despite the vast offer, there was no big difference between the various casino providers from the point of view of product design, we focused on innovation knowing that operators increasingly need to differentiate themselves from the competition not only with quality games but also with innovative game concepts. These are the reasons why, in a short time, we have an enthusiastic response to our offer in various markets, including the South American market, where we believe a lot and where we are putting a lot of our energy.

3 – Talenta, the design studio and the patents RACEPOT® and REELPOT®, a source of pride for a company that is never tired and always ready to get involved. With what objective do these projects develop and what budgets can be drawn?

As I said earlier, the objective is to innovate, to put on the market a new product that will satisfy the demands of both the end customer and the operators, allowing them to expand their offer by offering an original and different product. As far as our RACEPOT® and REELPOT® patents are concerned, innovation lies in how the Jackpot is calculated, which is not accumulated based on a percentage of the bet value but based on a percentage of the player’s winnings; we can consider it an additional win that increases the value of the Jackpot. The big news however is that this accumulation is calculated in the RTP so the operator can assign a Jackpot to a player without any additional cost as it is not necessary to set aside a percentage of the bet to be able to pay the prize; it is also possible to configure an initial seed even in regulated markets where the jurisdiction does not provide the possibility of configuring an initial Jackpot.

In the slots with RACEPOT®, the Jackpot payout is linked to a time and points competition, where each player has the possibility to constantly check his position in the standings thanks to an always clearly visible interactive leaderboard. At the end of the race the Jackpot will be divided among the first three players in proportion to the score obtained. In support of this we have introduced a convenient and intuitive control panel that allows the programming of tournaments up to a maximum of 6 weeks, news that has been very well received by casino managers.

The REELPOT® patent was applied to the Treasure Island slot, the protagonist of our 2018-19 exhibits, a product that is rich both in terms of graphics and features. How the RACEPOT® is fed continuously by the players’ winnings but in this case we can define it as the evolution of the Reel Jackpots since the mechanism foresees that the prize is accumulated separately on one of the 5 reels giving players the feeling of being able to quickly reach a goal. In this way we have also satisfied a typology of players that prefers frequent extra wins and great involvement but does not like time-based competitions, guaranteeing the operator a varied offer and the coverage of different gaming needs.

As for the budgets, we consider ourselves rewarded, first of all by the great satisfaction of having conceived, conceived and created an innovative product that is about to conclude the process of obtaining the international patent and then from the first market responses that are excellent both in terms of results real that in terms of positive feedback, so much so that they have already tried to copy us; what better satisfaction than having someone trying to reach you.

4 – Peru, like all Latin America, is preparing to face national gambling regulations for the first time in its history. New markets and opportunities to be optimized, what were the first steps that Espresso Games has taken in this area and what are the objectives you intend to achieve?

We believe a lot in the Peruvian market, so much so that in less than a year it is the second time that we are present with our stand at an exhibition organized in Lima. We are already in contact with some Peruvian trade associations and we follow the debate related to the regulation of the Peruvian market very closely. We are then in the final stages of bargaining with an important Peruvian operator so soon Peruvian players will also have the chance to play with our games and appreciate all the qualities. Of course, like everyone, we hope that Peru will soon follow the steps of Colombia, which, by regulating the market, has offered a protected gaming environment for both players and operators.

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