The All-Stars champion in strength at the Los Angeles Lakers disputes the decision imposed by the NBA declaring his will not to play matches without fans.

LeBron James has announced that he will refuse to participate in upcoming matches with the Lakers if they are played behind closed doors due to the coronavirus epidemic.

On Friday, the NBA communicated to its teams that they should develop preventive processes to combat the expansion of coronavirus infections. Following these procedures, there would have been cases of matches without fans and the media.

Regarding this last possibility, the All Stars champion said:

“Will we play without the fans? No, it’s impossible! I play for my teammates, for the fans, and for the emotions that this game gives. I don’t play unless there is a crowd cheering. If I go to an empty arena, I have no incentives and I don’t play. “

The league has sent out a reminder describing the actions that teams may need to take if it is necessary to play a game with only the essential staff present.

The memo, obtained from The Associated Press, states that teams should identify which teams and people in the arena would be required to conduct the games and be able to communicate quickly with nonessential staff, as well as ticket holders and business partners. . .

Teams should also be prepared for the possibility of implementing temperature controls on players, team staff, referees and whoever is essential for conducting the games.

The league has already sent a reminder to the teams this week offering 10 tips to players with the hope of reducing the risk of getting the virus among them by not taking items such as pens, markers, balls and jerseys from autograph applicants.


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