PGS2020: the August event will depend on the developments of Covid19 in the coming months

The organizers of the Peru Gaming Show have issued a new press release regarding the event provisionally set for the month of August. Here it is below:

“We are going through incredibly uncertain moments, however, we want you to know that in all this time we have been keeping an eye on the global events and the decisions that the governments of the different countries have been taking to control the coronavirus. In addition, the memory of the entire Gaming family has always remained in our thinking, hoping that you and your families are well. No one knows for sure when all this will end and the changes that will occur, but one thing we can be sure of is that the changes will be inevitable.

The same way, it is uncertain how long it will take for us to recover from the damage, but we believe that when this is over, communication and contact between you and your clients will be crucial.

Now more than ever we feel committed to coordinate future activities, cooperate and give our support to make possible your participation and that of everyone in the most anticipated event in the region, PERU GAMING SHOW.

As you know, initially we postponed the show for the month of August taking into account the situation for Covid-19 and attentive to the decisions of the government, in this context, we see that the proposals to solve the crisis in the short term do not have clarity or solidity, which is forcing us to think of a new program for PGS 2020. As organizers of the fair, we intend to hold a virtual and on-site event before the end of the 2020 financial year to promote and maintain coordination between suppliers and operators.

Surely, the investment decisions on the products shown in the exhibition will not be comparable to those made in past events, but, finding yourself after being held incommunicado against our will be a very special occasion. It will be an opportunity not only to see the news but also to interact and transmit experiences of critical moments, hoping to leave and leave the difficulties as an anecdote and start the long-awaited recovery. Along these lines, we will keep the dates as rescheduled for the month of August for a virtual presentation and for December  03 & 04  “PGS 2020 International Congress” as a face-to-face event after G2E.

We have followed the government’s quarantine orders, but we are still working for you from home and you can contact us at any time by phone or email in case you need to tell us something. We apologize if at any time it was not possible to fulfil a request due to the forced isolation.

Hope to see you soon, our prayers and thoughts are with you.”