Betadvisor Academy, the new training project created by the collaboration between Betadvisor and Hub Affiliations, will appeal to sports fans, fans, young people looking for a profession

The “Betadvisor Academy” project was born in Italy and was conceived by Francesco Maddalena and Charles Herisson. It aims to train only 111 safe gambling certified consultants.

The courses, which will start on 11 July, are the result of careful consultation carried out during the Coronavirus period between some of the most recognized professionals and entrepreneurs in the world gaming industry and the best Italian traders and tipsters.

Saturday 11 July will begin the “Shared management of information tools to play safely”, followed by “Ethics, responsibility, solidarity and advantages in the world of games”, scheduled from 18 July. From competition to cooperation. How to start an ethical and successful business in the world of games “, instead, from 25 July. The training courses comprise a total of 111 training hours and will be reserved for members of the Play Safe Play Responsible project.

To participate, you can contact Hub Affiliations by email:

Francesco Maddalena – CEO Hub Affiliations – explained to The Betting Coach:

“The project is wide-ranging and aims to inspire other players in the gaming industry to start working on new paths of social responsibility. In this first phase of the activity we want to offer new training tools to the many young people who work as freelancers in this industry. The aim of the three-year project is to strengthen the networks between tipsters, traders, influencers, marketing experts, licensees, editorial titles, profit and non-profit companies, associations, schools, universities, to relaunch a culture of safe play and shared social responsibility, that enhances the increasingly widespread social initiatives of the many operators who are the protagonists of the game business in different ways. Coronavirus has taught us that to positively promote collective living, it is first of all necessary to act in synergy and sharing, a vision that Hub Affiliations wants to promote with determination.”

Charles Herisson – CEO of Betadvisor – added:

“We want to develop circular subsidiarity in the gaming industry. To do this, politics must renounce its self-reference; that the economic operator ceases to consider himself solely and exclusively as a profit maker, but also considers himself to be the creator of the common good; that associations have the determination and the courage to act creatively and with an entrepreneurial spirit even if it is at times can be more risky than acting conventionally. We want to promote safe gaming and support the creation of ethical entrepreneurial paths, develop production chains of services that also generate social and cultural value, support new professions in the world of gaming. Our goal with this project is to start from actions that respond to the concrete training needs of young gaming enthusiasts and to promote a society enriched in social as well as economic terms.”

The project also includes professional insertion and accompaniment to work for marginalized subjects, as well as support for companies that are developing social responsibility practices.

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