2022 has just begun, however, all sports fans are already eagerly awaiting the event that will characterize this year: the World Cup in Qatar.

Although the sports news for 2022 are not only linked to the football sector, considering that the Winter Olympic Games will also be staged in Beijing, there is no doubt that the event of the year is precisely the World Cup, which will be staged unusually during the winter period.

The importance of this event can be easily understood by taking a look at the online sports betting sites, which have already begun to publish the first odds relating to the national teams considered as favorites to win the title.

The Italian national team, despite the exceptional victory of the European Championship, finds itself in an unusual position, considering that it has yet to conquer the qualification, finding itself facing first Macedonia, and then the winner between Turkey and Portugal in a final that will reserve many twists.

Even if Italy has not yet won a place to participate in the World Championship, most of the odds show a value of 13.00, demonstrating that Roberto Mancini’s team still plays an important role in the eyes of bookmakers.

The very favorites to win, however, are France and Brazil, with an odds of around 7.00 on most platforms.

Considering that the World Championship will be staged in a particularly hot country even during the winter, many think that the yellow-green team will win, benefiting from unusual weather conditions. Reigning champions France, even if they did not shine particularly during the European Championship, have just returned from winning the Nations League, proving to be still very competitive. The odds are followed by Spain and England, both defeated by Italy in the semifinal and final of the European Championship respectively.

England is worth around 8.00, while Spain has a value of around 9.00, more favored than Italy, especially since it has already qualified for the world championship. In a worse situation than Italy is the Portugal of the famous Cristiano Ronaldo, with a double value or around 26.00 on most sites.

There is also no shortage of crazy odds for teams considered extremely underdog such as the host national team, Qatar, given at 151.00.

Other major sports competitions in 2022

Football, as the most followed sport in the world, plays a leading role in this 2022, encouraged even more by an unusual world championship. Despite this, 2022 will also see many other sports competitions.

For example, the Beijing Winter Olympics are attracting the attention of many fans, as well as bookmakers who are already publishing odds for some major events.

Specifically, it is already possible to find odds relating to mixed relay, skiathlon, men’s sprint, women’s sprint and relay. Most of the odds available are broken down by favored nations.

For example, in the mixed relay, Norway is considered the favorite with an odd of around 2.00, while in the relay, Sweden is the nation that bookmakers consider to be the favorite with an odd of around 1.90. As for the men’s sprint, in the 10 km the individual name of Johannes stands out with an altitude difference of 3.50, while in the women’s sprint, even in the 10 km, the individual favorite is Therese, with a difference in altitude of 1.40.

As you can see, the Soccer World Cup and Winter Olympics will keep sports fans busy in this new year, representing most of the news in the world of sports for 2022, with plenty of odds to bet on.


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